Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Small Town Christmas

Friday night was the annual Christmas tree lighting in Glens Falls. The tree was placed in the center of a Gazebo - in the park in front of City Hall - Stores were dressed in their Holiday best.
The sidewalks were crowded, but not to the point you couldn't move. Everyone was in a good mood - the kids were having a great time. - Groups broke into song spontaneously while waiting in line for the most popular events. (Talking to Santa and the horse drawn wagon ride throughout town) Everything was FREE! Do you hear me? FREE!!!! Even the wagon ride.

Stores and organizations provided everything from wine tasting and hot cider to cookies and cake. Hot chocolate stations, samples of peppermint tea, music. Santa boogied down the sidewalk playing a sax. The Theatre (Capital T) gave free (there's that word again) one act performances. There was music playing, Chorales singing. Make it and take it projects for the little ones, Clowns, and face painting, Ice skating, Coloring books and candy canes. Popcorn and passes to the Theatre. Reindeer to pet, Oh, my gosh!!!! It was incredible!

And all this was FREE!!, FREE!!, FREE! (I've been living in the city too, too long!)
What a great family event!

I talked with Corliss today, telling her some of this - She warned me not to get any ideas about moving up here. I don't know, it sure would be tempting!!

Bear Hugs

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  1. All that and snow????? It hardly seems fair. No not really you deserve to be having a good time and hanging with the family. You spent a long time taking care of mom, and now you can branch out and live a little, oh hell, you can live a lot!
    When you called I was in the middle of a miserable craft show...I swear I just dont want to do them any more. i dont even know what I want to do about the gallerys.
    Have you been baking? cookies? candy? tell us poor southerrn friends whats up...