Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'M BACK!!!..... once again

Around or about January 14, 2016

As I mentioned in my last post, my computer has been down since mid-summer.   I went to Brooke's for Christmas and took the computer to the shop in Thompson Falls.   It was fixed in less than 5 minutes with no charge.   The ram cards were unseated.  They just took them out and put them back in, and, Bob's your uncle, we are back in business.

I've been sending out some longish e-mails, bending the "ears" of those I wrote to with nothingness.  I mentioned once that I ought to write a book about nothing - then this morning I remembered my blog.  So, here I am.

This post is going to have absolutely no order about it - just random thoughts (so what else is new).  No photos for now - I left my camera at Brooke's.

As I mentioned, I spent Christmas at Brooke's.   It started snowing an hour after I arrived and continued to snow everyday I was there.  It was beautiful.  And, the daytime temps hovered in the 25-30 range so it was comfortable to spend time outdoors.

Christmas Eve, I took Tucker outside to take care of business, and while I was waiting, I happened to look over to the hay field, and watched in amazement as 8 tiny deer floated across the field.   The ninth (Rudolph?) tagged along behind.

I missed the full moon on Christmas night because it was snowing and overcast. I guess I can't have everything.

With the exception of dinner at Scott's parent's home on Christmas Day, we went nowhere!  It was wonderfully relaxing.

Progress report on Daisy?  Well, there is no progress.  After crunching the numbers, I decided to buy another trailer.   Even after doing all the work on Daisy, I still would not have a gray water holding tank or a refrigerator with a separate freezer, making it difficult to do any boondocking.

So, I bought another trailer for half the amount I would have had to spend on Daisy - she is now for sale.  

The new trailer is 2 foot longer, 20 years younger,  has a refrigerator with separate freezer and  the gray water holding tank flows into the black water tank.  Works for me.   I do know the trailer is male, the first male vehicle I have every owned - but he hasn't told me his name, yet.    He's going to be quite rustic inside - denim, copper and antler interior.   There is nothing I have to do right away, except spend money.  The floor needs to be re-done - just because I don't like carpeting.  I want to insulate the floor and perhaps tile it - but that can wait.   I'll need to buy 2 propane tanks, and an air conditioner.  Oh, yeah - also a set of tires.  I can get along without the air conditioner for a bit -  In Montana, even if it gets hot during the day, once the sun goes down, it gets cold.

Diane is temporarily in a nursing home in Seattle.  I was going to leave here rather soon, but decided since I have a perfect set up for sewing, I may just stay here for a bit.   I would expect she will be back in a couple months and that will give me sufficient time to accomplish a pile of sewing projects.

I started packing up stuff today -  First out - all my denim - well, except for 1 tote of mixed colors. I have a mountain of jeans.   And, Diane's daughter in law says she has yet another mountain of  old jeans for me.  

We WERE in the midst of a major Chinook.   (SW wind and high temps that  melts all the snow) when it started snowing this morning - and it's still snowing quite vigorously.   I can't even see Belt - just a mile down the hill.  Darn - I was hoping to get the truck rolling once the snow and mud cleared up.  Well, after all, it is winter, what did I expect?  And, now that I'm staying on a while, no need to rush.

Well, I've changed my mind.   I'm going to post this, then start the next one in "Word".  Then I don't have to worry about this one disappearing if my computer should unexpectedly shut down before it's published.

Bear Hugs,

Boots and Tucker and What's his name
"She believed she could do it, so she did!