Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow

This was the view out the back window. It was beautiful, and brought back many fond memories. I didn't see any deer. Amanda says there is a small group that sleeps at the bottom of the slope.
I've spent a week baking - and mixing cookie dough to be baked the week before Christmas. And, the last week I spent making chocolates. I've been having a blast. I've tried out a couple of new fudge recipes, to varying degrees of success. Amanda wants to make truffles. Hey, I'm all for it!
The food in this establishment is great. Both Amanda and Angie are good cooks. I particularly liked the angel hair pasta with Cajun chicken and roasted pepper sauce. yum! Last nite we had halibut. Ladies, remember the few pieces of precious wild Alaskan halibut I brought home for our lunch? Well, since Brooke was moving, she had to clear out her freezer so she was handing it out left and right. Angie brought home a cooler full of it We've had it twice so far, and shows no signs of running out.
Last nite one of their friends came over and we played a card game, called "5 Crowns" We'll have to check it out for a Ladies' Nite. I didn't do too badly, but that could have been because they were on their 3rd or 4th pitcher of pina coladas by the time we started playing.
I have to interject a message for Braydon here. Please bear with me.
Braydon, many years from now, when we both are much, much older, you may come across a tattered old scrapbook of my adventures. When you do, I want you to get this message:
You are DEMON SPAWN. Do you hear me? DEMON SPAWN!!!! Now, when you are looking at this scrapbook in the distance future, and you read this message, you may have a couple curtain climbers of your own who are driving you nuts. Just remember, it's Hereditary!!!!!
Paybacks are hell!
On the other hand, this morning in the clear, cold hours of the pre-dawn, a small Angel voice breathed into my ear: "Granny, I'm afraid, can I come in bed with you?" And the hug that followed made up for it all!
We picked up a Christmas tree yesterday. The plan was to go out and cut one, but the tree farms are only open on the weekends, and we wouldn't have been able to do it this weekend. We are going to put lights on the tree, but everything else will be handmade - mostly by Braydon and his friend Neo. We'll string popcorn, make paperchains, and I've cut out a bunch of shapes - stars, trees, bells, etc from posterboard for them to color and decorate.
Today we are being battered by a winter storm that has affected the whole country. It wasn't snowing yet at 4 a.m., but by 8 we had about 6 inches of snow. Temperature isn't bad - 25 - 30 I'd say. There are more photos I'd like to share with you, but they are in Angie's camera so I'll put them in the next post. Amanda has been shoveling snow for about 3 hours - but the snow is still falling heavily - so by the time she finishes, she'll have to start over.
I got out my Trek Sticks and struggled down to the next street. With all the clothes I had on and the amount of snow, it was very slow going. It took about 20 minutes for that normally 5 minute walk.
Well, that's about it. I have to go make some Almond Roca. Catch you'all later.
Bear Hugs


  1. WOW! Here in VA we are just having our first cold morning. Fire in the fireplace and cats on thier beds close by. No snow for us, but who knows it's early in winter. The picture looks like a postcard for "Winter".
    I'm jealous of the goodies you are baking, lucky kids! How is the Demon spawn? How old is he? It's a good thing they have the the small and cute thing going on, otherwise who knows why anyone would have kids!!!!
    Here Im just working on getting ready for the holliday...very low key but still there are things to be done....
    Talk soon...H

  2. HELP ME!!! I AM IN HOMEMADE CANDY HELL!!!! I am taking reservations for quality assurance tasters. On another note...Mom's perception of the drive here is far to whimsical. I always call Kevin when there is car issues. Especially after a 2 hour nightmare of a shortcut, not via the mapquest. "oh this road takes us right to where we want to be." Yeah two hours of 20mph. No wonder the overloaded beast acted up. Kevin also informed me where the overdrive button on the vehicle was. Something Mom didn't know but now does for her trip. Driving in overdrive made a huge difference. Needless to say I will never take advice from a backseat navigator!!! HA HA