Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Friday, January 11, 2013


We took a day trip to Sedona – about 100 miles away.   It was a beautiful drive, from the floor of the Valley of the Sun, through the foothills, climbing up to the high desert plateau, with views of mountains in every direction, then up and up again until we were over 4000’.  The temperature dropped about 15 degrees.  

We stopped for a break at a Dairy Queen  (What can I say, with Diane it was Cheetoz and Coke, with Kit it’s Dairy Queens) – it was already cold out, but for some reason, they had the air conditioning blasting away.  By the time we left, we were all shivering.

While we were inside – Tucker made a break for it.   Ken was walking Christi and when he returned her to the car, Tucker escaped………. And headed right for the DQ’s kitchen door where Ken caught up with him.   His name should really be “Houdini” – he’s a very adept escape artist.    The only harness he can’t get out of is the last one I made for him.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time or space to make more – soon, I hope, because it’s starting to wear out.

Our mission to Sedona was not just for sight seeing, but to a certain quilt shop which had a goodly amount of Australian Aboriginal print fabric.   Kit was born in Australia and has asked me to make a quilt with the native prints.   We were quite successful – and were able to pick up nearly 75% of what she needed for the top.   The back will be American patriotic prints . . . . or not.   Perhaps Southwestern.   No one knows at this point.

The colors of Sedona are seductive – not just the red rocks, but the buildings as well.   Sedona has decreed that any new construction must be of desert colors.   The hues range from sand through soft sage green to rust red.   It’s really awesome to look at.

We drove up to the airport – which is the only place to view Sedona at sunset -  the red rocks are at their best then.   We planned to eat at the airport restaurant – but they weren’t serving dinner yet – so we left and headed for home.    Along the way, we stopped at Desert Castle Casino for dinner.   The food was good, basic, and plentiful!   The Casino was a beautiful stucco building which loomed out of the cliff top!   One thing I noticed about Casino’s in Arizona – they are few and far between, and each one is a palace.   In Montana – the casinos are as plentiful as mushrooms after rain -  sometimes 3-4 in a block.   They are small – sometimes just a small structure hanging on to the end of a gas station.   Not that there are not some big ones – just not as spectacular as those in Arizona

And, no.  I did not “try my luck”   I learned that lesson in Atlantic City -   I ran through a roll of quarters there in about 2 minutes flat – then decided I’d rather have a new pair of boots than to feed the machines.

We were still searching out fabric for Kit’s quilt.   We found our way to the “35th Avenue Sew and Vac”.  It didn’t “sound” exciting – but folks, let me tell you!!!!!  This is the biggest quilt store I’ve ever been to!   Over 20,000 bolts of fabric.   I spied a tote bag made from a Southwestern print – my hand started shaking – then my knees followed suit.  I kid you not!!!! 

 I’ve never had a reaction to fabric like that.   It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before – at least not in a fabric store.   In any event, they were out of the fabric – maybe they’ll get more in , maybe not.  What a let down – I was already making a mental lists of what I could use it in – and adding up the amount needed.   Well, what can I say.     We wandered around the store for awhile longer – and I decided I  needed to come by myself when I can really take my time.   On the way out, I spotted some placemats that I thought Brooke might like (She’s commissioned me to make sets for every holiday and season) 

They finally dragged me out of the store, with knees still shaking, but without spending a cent.

On the way home, we stopped at a small quilt shop recommended by the previous store and they had some native prints – not many, but they happened to have just what we needed to finish up on the quilt top. 

The weather here is beautiful – at least this week – storm is on the way.   I may have to extend my stay in Arizona because……

“THAR’S COLD IN THEM THAR HILLS!!!!”  We’ve been watching the weather for Demming, NM which is my next stop – the plan was to stay there at the LoW’s home ranch for February and March.   Well the daytime temps have been the high 40’s to mid 50’s, but the night time temps have been 25 – 35 – with wind chills as low as 15.   I don’t think we are quite prepared for that.
I kept telling myself that if it’s too cold to stay, I’ll go to Plan B.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a Plan B.

Anyway, there is a chocolate festival here the middle of February – if the Demming weather stays cold, I’ll just stay here until after the festival – I had planned to drive back for it anyway.

I’ve been reading a lot since I’ve been here.  Kit and Ken are both avid readers, so I’ve been soaking up the words.   I also downloaded a Kindle app to my computer and have downloaded about 20 of the classics – all free, and started buying some of my favorites so I’ll have them.  I thought maybe I could put off buying a Kindle for awhile, but it’s just not that convenient to read on the computer (can’t read myself to sleep as easily with a computer on my lap)  so – I’ll be making that purchase any day now.  In addition, Amazon’s Audible program has my favorite book series on sale for $8 each from now to May 1.   ( I paid $40 for just one on CD) Can’t pass that up! 

Until next time
Bear Hugs

Luv n’ Boots, and Tucker, too.
The Bear is still hanging in with us, too

She believed she could do it, so she did![]]]]]]