Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Friday, February 3, 2012


Or at least sort of! The internet access I mean. I knew I had to uninstall the router in order to re-install - but, while I know how to uninstall - I couldn't find the router program. So, it was a "Wow, I could've had a......." moment - a real smack in the head experience. I bought a 15ft cord to run from the modem in the basement to the desk in the kitchen, and here I am, online, sitting comfortably in a kitchen chair!!!!!

Observation of the day: I notice as I'm driving through the woods to take 7 to school, there are so many trees with dried out life-less leaves still hanging on, and at that realized - the wind doesn't blow here, or at least rarely.

There are so many parks in this area with walking, biking and equestrian trails. Brooke and friends use them frequently for trail rides.

And, a great way to start the day, this morning. I dropped 7 at school, and continued into town. Feeling a litte punk lately, I decided to have my blood pressure checked. My doctor told me a couple years ago that I could have my bp checked at any emergency room or fire station, so, since I was within a couple blocks of the hospital, I decided to go there. They took my bp, and the next thing I knew, I was gowned, and on a table with an IV needle being shoved into my arm, and looking around saying "Wha-a-a-?. It was very high - especially for me. But, after testing blood, taking an ekg, and luckily no need for an IV solution, I was set free and told to follow up with a Dr. in 2-3 days. I definitely do not want to take any meds except as a very last resort, so it's back to walking for me. During the 2-3 hours I was there, it dropped from 185/102 to 155/79. Quite a difference. Lesson learned: If you go to the emergency room, they will not let you out til you see a doctor.

Since most of my day is gone, and I have to leave to pick up 7 from school in about 15 minutes, I'll just leave this as a short post!

Until next time,

Bear Hugs

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