Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A FOGGY DAY IN . . . . . .

Well, maybe not foggy, but very drizzly - and I got up early to do laundry and have two loads ready to hang out to dry - fat chance!

I'm headed for Virginia Beach Saturday for a week of relaxation, and to take leave of my friends, and play some cards, and do some shopping for the trip -(There the stores I need are all in about a 2 mile radius - here they are spread up and down a 40 mile length of 301.

I plan to leave here on May 21 - and I'm working on my itinerary as far as Kansas City. At that point, I'm not sure if I am going straight to Denver area, then up to
Montana, or take off for South Dakota from Kansas City and see Mt. Rushmore along the way.

My friend Barb, in Montana will be joining me for camping trips the first of July which is when her job ends. I think visiting mutual friends, hot springs, and tree top walks are on the agenda - or maybe we'll head over to Washington for part of the time. Fruit will be in season - let's see, when last there - it was around the 4th of July and the Cherries were perfect!!!!

Did I tell you I am "with dog" Yep, I'm taking Brooke's smallest dog, Gabbi with me on my travels. Her kennel mate of 9 years died in March, and it was rough on Gabbi - but then she realized she had moved up the ladder in the pack - she was now the Alpha Female - lording it over 12# Boston Terrier - Turbo, and 65# Black Labordor, Jett. She had they pretty well at hand, when Brooke brought home Aspin, a huge, 5 year old Shepherd - much larger than Jett. That really set Gabbi's teeth on edge, literally!. Aspin is in essence, 7's dog and she sleeps in his room. Gabbi joins me in my room at 4:30 a.m. when Brooke leaves for work. Turbo is rarely tolerated in my room - he is prone to "accidents", being the little boy that he is - roughly 1 1/2 years old. The other night, I was sewing in my room, Gabbi was curled up on my bed, when Aspin wandered in to see what was what. Oh, my. First off, Aspin is the gentlest dog. She reminds me of "Nana"? the dog in Peter Pan - when she first arrived and Brooke left for work, she would pace the hallway - wondering where her charges had gone.

Anyway, quick as a wink, Gabbi was on Aspin - she grabbed her by the throat, and as Aspin spun to get out of the way, Gabbi hung on like a fur wrap, flapping in the wind - After the second time, Gabbi and I had a "Go to Jesus" conversation, and I brought Aspin in to see if I could help them reach an accord. Gabbie tolerates her, and I'm sure will try to put her in her place at every opportunity. The funny thing is that Aspin accepts Gabbi as Alpha Female - even though She is 6# to Aspin's approx 85#.

In any event, Gabbi will be travelling with me this summer. I was thinking way back to a visit my cousin made to Montana. She had two young boys, and then had a girl. She was over the moon. She loved to sew, and what I see in my mind's eye, is Judy sitting on the floor, taking little garments out of the suitcase to show us what she had made for her little girl. - Sleepers, nightgowns, dresses, bonnets, rompers, bikini's, ........... Wait? Yes, that was a bikini for a little girl who was just a few months old. Why remember this now? I was sitting at the sewing machine making bandanas, a coat, a harness, and even a personalized tote bag for Gabbi - not to mention, I had already bought her a car seat so she could look out the window while we were travelling.

Speaking of dogs, we seem now to be operating an infirmary. Brooke's friend, Lisa, bumped her tiny Jack Russell - Patches with the car - Nothing is broken, but she is really stove up - her hind quarters are not quite under her control - Brooke brought her home to take care of her - she went to work with Brooke yesterday so she could keep a close eye on her. She's here today, and had some water and food this morning, so she is feeling much better.

Let's see - Brooke's friend Lisa produced a bonny baby boy (Ethan) a couple weeks ago. Two days later, Lisa's cow - Mercedes, produced her first live calf after 4 pregnancies -Can you guess what Lisa named the little bull? Well, think- .......... Benz, of course! The farm has some other impending births, too. The black mare (no name, just the black mare) is due anytime, and Sugar is due to foal in May. Another member of the family, Kimmy - gave birth to a bouncing (10 1/2#) boy last week - named him Colton.

Since it's such a "stay inside" day, I'll finish up some sewing projects, and start packing for Va. Beach.

Until next time

Bear Hugs

Luv 'n Boots (and Gabbi, too)
She believed she could do it, so she did!