Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hey! Micki has joined my followers! Micki is my niece. I should be in your neck of the woods sometime in March. Can't be any more specific than that. I had planned to leave here on January 27, however Angie reminded me her birthday was on the 29th! (my face is red) What was I thinking, planning to leave 2 days before her birthday!!!

I'm waiting to hear from Myra the end of the month to find out what their plans will be. If there are no changes, I'll be meeting up with her and JT in southern Georgia, and heading for the Florida Keys. I have 2 stops in Florida, 1 in Alabama, 1 in Texas, 1 in Oklahoma - and don't know how long I'll be at any one place. In any event, I'll be seeing you in the spring, and plan to be hanging around for awhile, before heading for California. The only set date I have for the next year is the weekend of August 14 in Great Falls. (That's Montana for you Virginians who also have a Great Falls) I'll see you there, too, Micki!

There are two more members of this household I haven't mentioned yet. Mocha and Sani - the 4-legged kids. Sani (short for TeSani Sakima - White Buffalo King) is a collie pup - about 9 months old, and full of energy - wants to play all the time. My computer table is against the stairwell. Sani just went half-way up the stairs, and dropped his toy on my keyboard. Think he's trying to tell me something?

Mocha is 5 years old - a min-pin mix. I fell in love with him when I was here 2 years ago. He's very quiet - unless there is need to warn the household of something. He loves to cuddle, and spends a lot of time snuggled up to me. Usually he sleeps upstairs with the boys and I don't see him til late morning. But early this morning, he came to my bedside and asked permission to crawl in with me. (Yes, he did - you could see it in his eyes!) Little did I know that he had just come in from his morning constitutional. Jipes!!!!! His feet were like ice cubes!

It's going to be quite a nice day today - temperature in mid 30's. It snowed again yesterday and Amanda added another jump to the sledding run - about half way down the slope. So it's, slide, fly, slide, fly and bump! It's so funny to watch (from the warmth of the living room)

Before the snows arrived, I volunteered to take Dan to a job interview at a ski-lift. I prepared for a long drive. Can you believe it! The lift was 5 miles from the house. 5 miles! They have tubing in the winter. I want to go! I'm not allowed to sled in the back yard - I'm older than I think I am, but younger than Angie thinks I am. They are afraid I'll break something. Maybe I will, but what fun I'll have doing it!

OK, now for the serious part of this post. My head is hanging in defeat. I've been bested! Angie's fudge is better than mine! Not only better, but faster and easier to make! Angie is doing the victory dance, and moon-walking, singing "My fudge is better than Mom's! She is very gracious, though, she gave me her recipe. I've already used her recipe to make dark chocolate and milk chocolate fudge. My next try will be for Black Forest fudge. Dark Chocolate, chopped marachino cherries, cherry flavoring, and a "swish" of marshmallow cream through the top. Yes, I am still making candy! I haven't had an opportunity to do it for a long, long time with so many tasters present to save me from myself.

Angie surprised me by saying she learned how to cook from me. (OK, Ladies, don't bust a gut laughing!) Everyone knows I can't cook (except baking and candy making) But Angie says I CAN cook, I just quit one day. The Ladies may beg to differ with her!

Angie started cooking at 5 years old. I was out tending the horses one day, and when I came in the house, she had opened a can of tomato soup, turned on the (gas) stove to heat it, and made a sandwich to go with it. And she never stopped cooking to this day. Me? Well, as a newlywed - I managed to burn cream of wheat. INSTANT cream of wheat! What does that tell you?

Well, Ladies - what are you all up to? I'm guessing Betsy is in NC, I know Holly is doing shows, what about the rest of you?

Time is flying by - I'll be back in Virginia before you know it.

Bear Hugs

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