Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm not sure what order these photos will be on the blog - But, they are of Dan playing a video game, Braydon and Neo decorating a gingerbread house, and Braydon overseeing breakfast!

The "Historic Blizzard of 2009" hasn't affected up-state NY, But it has impacted on Brooke. She was driving from Michigan to DC for a job interview. We just talked with her - she had to leave the car (4 wheel drive) just off the road. She got to her friend's house on foot, but the snow plow came through and her car is now buried in snow. I'm not certain DC will be operational by tomorrow for her interview.

It's a balmy day here in Glens Falls. 22 degrees when I got up, and it is expected to warm up to a whopping 24 this afternoon. It's been from -4 to 4 in the mornings the last few days. I'm getting used to it, I'm not even putting socks on in the mornings any more!

I've misplaced the keys to my car. They just aren't where I put them. Luckily I had 2 copies made, unfortunately, I can't figure out where I put them. But, I did come across my original spare key - so at least I can go out and warm up the car on a regular basis.

Then, last nite, I noticed my phone # sheet was missing from the desk. So, now I'm beginning to suspect a little gremlin is out to get me. I've been adding phone #'s to my contact info in gmail, but I haven't finished, so, I'm sort of sunk.

Some excitement here this week! I've been out of touch with my step-son for several years. The other nite I searched the internet and found him. Scary, isn't it. Anyway, I called, talked with him and his delightful wife and learned they have 2 small boys. The last time I spoke with him, was just before his wedding. Angie and Brooke are ecstatic about locating their long-lost brother, and I'm looking forward to visiting them in the spring!!!

The baking and candymaking is all finished - finally! 25# of sugar, 20# of flour, 20# of choclate, 12# of nuts, and various other items. Instead of putting on sweatpants this morning, I put on my jeans. Oops. I can wear them, but they are not as baggy as they were. Time to ramp up the exercise. Surprisingly, it's not the chocolates that get me - I've only had 2, but the old favorits, peanut brittle, almond roca, and cookies, those darn cookies. Let's see - snickerdoodles on my left thigh, molasses cookies on my right thigh - oops, a little off balance. Must need some more snickerdoodles to even it out!

Speaking of peanut brittle. I have to be very careful about it. I have to check to see where Sani is. He loves peanut butter, and if he smells peanut brittle on me, he's up in my lap, begging.

Speaking of Sani. Yesterday without any warning, he started growling and barking, hackles raised at the mantle. It took a few minutes, but we finally realized the an 8 x 10 of Braydon had been put on the mantle the day before, and he was just noticing it for the first time. Wierd, adn Wierder. We let him smell it, and he finally quieted down.

The local amusement park - the Great Escape! Really, that is what it is called. It's a 6 flag park. Anyway, they are all decorated for Christmas, with lights and activities daily - so that is going to be our light festival for this year. I'm looking forward to it Should be fun.

Well, nothing else to say today - soon as I sign off, I'll remember all the stuff I was thinking about posting.

Bear Hugs,


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