Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It has been brought to my attention that prior to my last very short message, I had not posted since October! Hard to believe how time flies, especially during chaos!!!!

Brooke placed a contract on a house in mid September, with an October 31 closing date…… which didn’t happen. It was then set for November 23……. And that didn’t happen, but we were given the information “next week” several times. In the mean time, Brooke had to vacate the carriage house as they had found a new renter. She stayed with friends, and I returned to Virginia Beach to bunk in with friends there. The house was a really good deal – at first look. The day she signed the contract, the owner (the bank) agreed to pay the closing costs if it closed by October 31. As you can see, that didn’t happen, leading to quite a surprise at closing - or more precisely, at 4 pm the day before closing when Brooke was stuck in DC traffic she was told she needed considerably more money than anticipated, and….. closing was set for 6 a.m.. Get the picture? In addition, as you homeowners will know, the money had to be in a certified check. Brooke’s funds were scattered among various venues – what a panic.
But then, what can I say – Brooke being Brooke managed to bring it all together and the closing went off without a hitch.

We moved as much as we could on the 23rd, mostly bedding and kitchen stuff – after all, being December 23rd, we had baking to do as she had planned mostly homemade goodies as gifts.

Of course, we managed to pull it off, and enjoyed a very nice Christmas with the Abell’s, the family of Brooke’s best friend. We had a farm breakfast with them, and watched the little one’s open gifts. Did I tell you this was a large, extended family? Well, it is. The pile of gifts nearly filled the living room. After church, yes, I did go to church (In fact I told the Pastor as I was leaving that while I had actually been in the basement of the church several times, this was the first time I had made it upstairs. He congratulated me on graduating) We then returned home for a couple hours to take care of the dogs, and then back to the church for the family dinner. (Didn’t I say it was a large family? Large family functions are always held at the church – the only place large enough!

A couple days after Christmas, I returned to Virginia Beach to pick up the rest of my stuff in storage. I took leave of my friends, planning to leave here for Florida the end of February.

The day after I returned to Brooke’s, she flew out to Michigan, rented a truck and brought back as many of her belongings as she could get in the truck, and……….. her 9 year old grandson, Seven. (or “7” as I will probably write it in the future) She spent New Year’s Day behind the wheel, and the rest of the week getting 7 registered in school.

The new house! She has over 3 acres of mostly wooded property. The house sits on open area of, I’d guess, over an acre – the back yard is fenced fittingly for small dogs, And an area on one side is left wooded for their shelter as well as a couple of sheds. She loves the house – 3 bedroom, open floor plan with a huge kitchen and full basement. The dogs love it. All I have to do is open the door to let them out, and open again when they want back in. (Do you think there might be a dog door in my future?)

Two of the bedrooms have carpet, the rest of the house is hard floors – tile in baths, hall, entry and kitchen, hardwood in living room, and bamboo in master bedroom. Betsy! I finally figured out why I hate to vacuum. It’s the noise!!!! I’d much rather sweep and mop than turn on that noisy thing.

7 was introduced to the farm the day after he arrived. His comment to me? “But Granny, I’m a city boy, not a farm boy, I’ll never do any of this stuff” Now? “Can I go down and feed the heifers?” He’s joined 4-H, and is contemplating raising a pig for the fair, or a goat, or something, and looking forward to learning to ride and accompanying Brooke and friends on trail rides.

I’m in Maryland. A tiny town named Nanjemoy – so tiny there is nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Just wooded lanes, curvy, hilly lanes. So enjoyable to drive along. There is no town center, not a liquor store, 7-11 or gas station. Not that I’ve found, anyway. Surrounded by other tiny towns. The nearest is Ironsides – intersection of Maryland # 6 and 425. Populated by a church and a rescue squad – volunteer type. It is just so peaceful here.

At present, we are heating the whole house with a small wood stove. Works fine – this winter at least Talk about an open winter. So far, 2 days of snow. I’ve only had to plug in the truck 2 nights. The stove needs frequent attending – day and night. Of course, it’s not quite the end of January so that can change quickly.

My days consist of getting 7 up and off to school, picking him up in the afternoon and helping him start his homework, and when Brooke comes home, it becomes a committee function.
My time is spent doing what needs to be done and sorting through my stuff. I promised Brooke everything I leave behind will fit under the stairs. I thought I had gotten rid of just about all I could, but I was wrong. I’m building a mountain to donate to the local church.

Books have always been special to me. I remember one move I made - I had 125 boxes of books. Now I have less than 1 box left. Fabric is going, too. I’ll still have some of it left, but a lot less. I gave most of my rubber stamping stuff to Brooke, What I have left fits in a shoe box.
Most surprising of all - Quilting books and magazines are in the donation pile.

I’ll have a truck load of antiques and collectibles that I’m taking to my niece to sell for me – once they are delivered, my truck will be mostly empty. I probably would be able to sleep in the back if I needed to – If I didn’t feel like putting up the tent, or if the weather is particularly nasty.

My childhood friend, Barb, in Montana wants to travel a bit with me this summer. I’m hoping we can take in central Washington and the Northern Cascades. She likes to hike – I‘ll take advantage of that for encouragement to get back to walking.

Well, it’s time to chop wood (well, carry it in, anyway), wash clothes, mop floors, and sort my stuff. And……. Make that grueling 15 mile trip into town for a few necessities.

Oh, yeah – my comment about leaving here the end of February – change that to the middle of June when school gets out. Unless something else comes up to change my plans.

We have Hughes Net installed for the internet. The modem is in the basement – Don’t Ask! I spent a good chunk of one day installing the router so we could set up the wireless connection. All went well. The computer verified the installation was successful. Great!!! Now I can connect to the internet ……………………… as long as I bypass the router and plug directly into the modem while standing in the middle of the unheated basement.

, that is 2012 to date.

Until next time
Bear Hugs

Luv'n Boots

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here I Am!

Trying to get internet set up here at Angie's. Having problems - soon as we get it
set up, I'll talk your ears off!