Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leaving St. Augusine

I’ve talked about how cold it was last week, and you may have noticed on the National weather that it was in the 50’s here, and wonder what I was talking about. It was the wind, it was bitter cold from the wind. The nite we played Bingo – the wind stopped and it started warming up from that time.

Let’s see – On Sunday, I drove up to Jacksonville to visit with Cindy – who worked with me last year at Jo-Ann’s. Now, I more or less quit drinking coffee last summer when my blood pressure spiked. But at Cindy’s I must have had 4-5 cups of this wonderful, smooth coffee. What kind is it, Cindy?

We chatted about sewing projects, JoAnn’s, and life in general. I got some help with my car from her husband, Randy – for which I am very grateful. A brakelight went out on the way to Jacksonville – Once I pulled out the spare tire and all the stuff I have crammed around it, I found it was just loose and was able to tighten it. Randy put in a couple fuses – 1 for the clock. Good, now I won’t have to buy a pocket watch to keep track of time. Randy also figured out how to get the bike rack on for me.

When I left, Cindy picked some grapefruit for me, and posed with the Wee Beastie. I drove up and back on the A1A – the road runs right along the water. It’s a lovely drive with lots of beach rentals, and some real mansions, even a castle.

Back at Myra’s and JT’s – I packed up the car and loaded the bike to be ready for an early git-away. Myra and JT insisted I watch a PBS program on the Burmese Pythons which are invading Florida. Not my favorite subject, snakes, but I watched it with interest. After the program, Myra commented that I shouldn’t go out at night without a flashlight or shoes.

So, now, I no longer make a “9 mile hike” to the washroom, I am on “Python Patrol”. Remember the 4-5 cups of coffee? Need I say more?

An interesting fact about St. Augustine. There is a law that prevents the construction of a building more than 2 ½ stories high. There is an 8 story bank building in the town, but once it was finished, the populace said, no more and put the law on the books. Driving along the beach is wonderful, cause you are not among the shadows of high-rise hotels.

Well, I’m off to the west coast of Florida to visit my cousin.

Bear Hugs,

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate

Today, I took a 2 hour chocolate tour. Wow! It was awesome. The ride was narrated, with the history of chocolate, and many modern tips.

The first stop was at the Hilton. We were welcomed into a special room, set up with a center table draped with red velvet. Our first treat was called “Lovers something or other” It was specially developed by the chef for Valentines. Picture this. A scoop of chocolate decadence, a mound of cream whipped with rose water; a burnt sugar wafer, drizzled with chocolate and topped with a fresh raspberry.

The second offering was a raspberry chiffon bon-bon – wrapped in dark chocolate. Awesome – the burst of flavor was erotic.

Next was almond toffee coated in milk chocolate, followed by a marshmallow dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in salted nuts. M-m-m-m-m-m-

The piece d’resistance - a glass of chocolate-almond “shake” with chipoltle! It was so smooth and good.

Then we trollied over to Claude’s chocolates. Claude and his wife moved from NY to open the shop. He is from France, and she is second generation French. She told us all about the operation, how he makes the chocolates, gave us a box of samples, and cups of French Hot Chocolate. Then offered us more chocolates to sample. I tried the champagne truffles, then bought a box of 6 more. White chocolate, with chocolate truffle center.

You can go to the main operation of Claude’s and watch the chocolates being made, unfortunately, they won’t be open until Tuesday, and I’m leaving here on Monday.

Back on the trolley, on to the Raintree Restaurant (Not the Raintree Jungle Restaurant we think of) Where spread before us was a chocolate fountain and a buffet of chocolate. As well as a complimentary box of chocolates.

I’m ready for a sugar coma.!!!

Bear Hugs

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interim Post

Just a short note to let you know I'm still here. I've been drafting my posts in Word and uploading to this site - however, I can't get on line with my computer (I'm using my cousin's computer now), so the updates are still in my Word File, and all the photos are thereabouts, too.

So, I'm just letting you know I am in Hudson, Florida - gulf coast - at my cousin's.
We're just hanging out, catching up - haven't seen her in about 30 years.

As soon as I can grab a connection, I'll post more

Bear Hugs

Saturday, February 20, 2010

St. Augustine

St. Augustine

I have a very slow internet connection here - I can't up-load photos, so I'll send out a blog of just photos as soon as I can.

After returning from my “9 mile hike” Myra was up and pushing JT to hurry and get going – it wasn’t even 7 a.m, but she wanted us to get an early start.

We decided to take a tour of the historic district. The history of St. Augustine is fascinating.

There was a guided trolley tour that lasted about 1 ½ hours with lots of info – it stopped at about 20 different places. Our tour tickets allow us use of the trolley for 3 consecutive days and we can hop on and off at the different stops. The driver was very knowledgeable about the history – at least the first driver was. The second one thought he was on comedy central, sprinkled off color comments among his speaking points. Not that I’m against off color humor, but that wasn’t the place for it considering the people of all ages – including children – on the trolley. We got off and waited for the next stop to continue the tour.

We did stop at the San Sebastion Winery for a tour – and tasting, too, of course. And of all things, I learned something about vanilla during the tour. This will stay with me forever. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and tried to decided whether you wanted real vanilla or vanillan? Well, I now know the answer to that question – stick with the real vanilla – no matter the difference in price. Vanillan is a by-product of Oak. The makers of vanillan pick up oak wood pulp from mills, and extract the vanillan from it.

I noticed a French Pastry shoppe from the trolley. Tomorrow I’ll track it down – it’s in the restored historic area. French Pastry can’t be considered junk food, ……. Can it?

During our informative history tour, we just had to hop off to visit a rubber stamp store, a bead shop and a quilt shop. Afterall – we have to keep our priorities straight. And, no, I didn’t buy anything.
Day 2

Caught the trolley and hopped off at the Presbyterian Church which was built by a Mr. Flagler – One of the richest men in the country – he literally bought St. Augustine – built hotels – he wanted the property where the little Methodist church was location. To tempt the congregation to move – he built them a large new church and an impressive parsonage a couple blocks away from where he wanted to build his awesome Ponce de Leon hotel. More about that later.

He built the Presbyterian Church in memory of his daughter who died in childbirth along with her baby. The building took 1 year to built – 1000 workers working 500 per shift – to get it done in time to dedicate it on the anniversary of her death. Beautiful carved wood work, Tiffany windows, Huge – Just huge, and even 20 some years after it was built, there were only 163 members of the congregation. A few decades back they put in a pipe organ – with 5000 pipes. It has huge vaulted ceilings - reminds me of European structures.

Back to the hotel - It is now Flagler College. When it was built – it was the first hotel in the country that had electric lighting. They even had Thomas Edison come down to make sure it was done right. Unfortunately, guests were afraid to touch the switches, so they would use candles instead of the electric lites. Flagler had to hire servants to turn on and off the lights to prevent a fire from the candles. At the time it opened, it was only opened 3 months of the year. If you wanted to stay only a week, you still had to pay for the whole season. Definitely not a blue collar establishment. The structure has beautiful Tiffany windows - made for the Hotel when Tiffany was in his 20's

We continued through the day, walking through the historic district – checking out all the shops, and historic buildings. We stopped at a Spanish Bakery – with only 3 items on the menu. Empanadas, sausage rolls and soup. Served with a roll, a cookie and a drink. $5.50 – Super fast service, great food, greater price.

This photo of the Wee Beastie is of the oldest school building. Notice the chains and the anchor. This was done to keep the building from floating out to sea during a hurricane. (see explanation of lack of photos above)

More walking. And more walking, and did I tell you we walked a lot. A Lot. We did find the French Pastry shop, and indulged – then caught the trolley and headed home to dinner.

We were fed and in bed by 7 p.m.

Day 3 St. Augustine

The Fort. The highlight, if you ask me. It is awesome. It didn’t stop at walls and moat, but continued through 5 different levels of defense. Never taken by force. We spent hours there.

I Also got my America the Beautiful pass, and was able to bring JT and Myra in as my guest. This is great. I intend to get a lot of use out of the pass.

After the fort, we checked out a state park campground. They were so taken by it, they decided to work-camp there next year. It’s right on the beach, but the campsites are wooded. Really nice park.

On the way home, Myra noticed a sign for Bingo, She drove back to their campsite, pushed JT out the door, and off we went to play bingo. I haven’t played bingo since childhood birthday parties. Myra’s been playing for 20 years. Beginners luck, or experience – neither helped. We came home empty handed.

Bear Hugs,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Savannah and South

I slept in, taking all the time I needed to pull myself together in the morning. After an exciting breakfast of toast, juice and coffee, I decided to visit the historic district of Savannah.

Jack and I had our first argument. He tried to kidnap me, and head back for Virginia Beach. About 20 miles north of Savannah, I took control, and made a u-turn. This time, I figured out how to get to the Georgia information center. I learned that the nite before, I had been just where I needed to be in the historic district. I also learned that the best parking was there, but it was a 15 block hike to the waterfront,. Aww, I don’t think this is what I want to do. It’s cold out, and from the map, 2-3 days would be a good time to spend in Savannah, I’ll save it for next year.

By that time, I wasn’t speaking to Jack, and didn’t for another couple hours.

I finally arrived in St. Augustine about 3 p.m. – and Jack steered me wrong again – but only by about 2 blocks. I guess I can forgive him, since we’re sharing the car for the next several months.

What’s in a name? Yankee Clipper and Lawn Ranger – both for landscaping companies.

It really is cold down here. The campground JT and Myra are staying in is about a ¾ mile walk to the beach, but it’s been too cold to walk along the water. The campground has a pond with bass, catfish, bream, etc to take care of JT’s fishing obsession. The only real drawback is that the showers and toilets are about what seems like a 9 mile hike down the road.

We caught up on each other’s news, took a quick orientation ride and ate dinner. They told me it was going to get really cold. I know she is really cold blooded, so I didn’t think too much of it.

Bedtime came, and I wrapped up in my super warm double fleece blanket. Put a book on tape in the player to put me to sleep. It was very cozy in the camper. I really didn’t need my heavy fleece blanket. I woke up sometime during the nite – my arms were cold. I slipped on my sweatshirt, which solved that problem. I settled down again, tossed and turned awhile to find a comfortable spot, and drifted off to sleep. In awhile, I woke again because my sweatshirt kept separating from my waistband, and my back was cold. I grabbed my jacket, re-wound the book, and tried to settle down again, but it took much longer to fall asleep this time. Finally, finally, deep, restful sleep……… for awhile, anyway. Once again I awoke. I was in a tight fetal position, and freezing. I tried to straighten out my legs, but one of them seem frozen in place. I was cold!!! I rummaged through the cabinets searching for another blanket. I found one of Myra’s beautiful handmade quilts, and threw it over the fleece blanket and my jacket. Oh, my. This was wonderful – I cuddled down in the blankets – warm at last. Now at least I could sleep comfortably for the couple hours left til daylight. …………..
Oh, No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o ………………………Now, I’ve got to pee! !!!@#$%^&*()_

And so ended my first day in Florida.

Bear Hugs

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And, We're Off!


Madame isn’t really packed quite that full – I see some tree reflections in the window.

Al finally pushed me out the door. I was getting way too comfortable in my little hide-a-away. He says when he hears I’m next headed for Virginia – he’ll be out of town…..!!!!

He got up early to make sure I left, and. Well, To be quite honest, to help me finish loading. Especially my bike and rack. After fiddle-farting around with it for about 20 minutes, he said why don’t you just put it inside on top of all your stuff. So we did, and that just may be where the bike rides for the rest of the trip. (What no name for my bike? I’ll have to work on that

I really did bully Al into letting me stay at his place, and he was very gracious about my being there. I appreciate your generosity very much, Al.

A cup of coffee and a bag of ice from the 7-11 and we’re on our way. New odometer and trip meter clicking away, Whoa, what did I say? I duly noted the mileage when I filled the gas tank. Then about 75 miles from VB, I check the trip meter – 40 miles. Well I knew that was wrong, but it hadn’t worked since I got the car, so I guess I can get along without it. Then I stopped in North Carolina and looked at the odometer to get an idea how far I had driven @#$%^&**()_+@@$#%^& THE ODEMETER IS NOT WORKING!!!! I’ll have to call Brian Monday morning and have a chat.

Big disappointment, I really wanted to keep track of my gas mileage. Well, there went the rest of the donuts. Oops, didn’t mean to say that – but no more junk food I promise you. If ever there was a chocolate moment, this is it.

It was a beautiful day for travelling. Cool and sunny - I talked with someone from Maine who had just called home and found out it was 1 degree warmer in Maine than in NC. A lot of Snow Birds on the road – I had figured they all would have left before this. The traffic wasn’t bad at all, and Myra is right – SC has fixed their portion of I-95.

OK – I resolve to stop at every rest top and walk briskly, well, ok moderately around the parking lot. - Well, I only skipped 1 rest stop on the way – Oops, make that 2 – I missed the information center for GA – it was connected with the weigh station, and I didn’t realize it until it was too late.

That’s when I decided to spend the nite in Savannah. I had been trying to call Myra for about 3 hours, but I was in a dead zone.

I also tried to call my first born. Today is her birthday, and she has always been the most special Valentine’s gift to all of us. Her family, friends, and really anyone who has ever met her is left with a good impression.

What’s in a name: I passed a sign designating “Dry Bread Road” Interesting. Wonder what that is all about. I know what Witchduck Rd. is about, can’t remember what Chicken Valley Rd. is about, but Dry Bread Road???? Any suggestions? Myra or JT may know, cause it’s just south of Emporia on I-95

Well, let’s see. I’m “homeless” and broke. I have a reserve account, (Dick) a traveling account (Jane) and a cash reserve account (Sally) And Jane is totally flat-lined. (and I’m 10 days from pay-day) See Spot Run - now, you’ll all know I’m more than just a bit nuts. (Someone once laughed at me for my handling of travel budget - before the days of debit cards, I'd take cash, and divide into different envelopes - this one for lodging, this one for food, one for gas, one for attractions. So, what happened if I ran out of food money? Why, I'd just "borrow" it from the gas money. It worked!)

What really, really, scares me is that being broke and “homeless” really doesn’t bother me. I’ll have to borrow Alabama $$ from “Dick” for Florida, then borrow Texas money for Alabama. Hmmmm – I think I have it worked out. Janet – what was it you said about Capricorns and money?

Wait a minute. "Homeless" seems just too harsh. Maybe "Rootless" is a better word. Yes, I like that. Rootless. I feel better already, don't you? And broke? Well, that's just a state of mind, and calls for creativity. So. now I'm rootless and creative. Much, much better. Adventure awaits me.

The things I think of on the road For instance – at 103 miles out – the signs for South of the Border started appearing. For all those who have travelled I-95 south – you know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you - “South of the Border” is a hmmmmm, I guess the closest I can come to it is - truck stop – but with amusement areas, restaurants, souvenier (junk) shops, play grounds – all designed to sell you overpriced items. Funky, corny signs – like “Chili today, gone Tamale” It’s crazy, and the signs go on for 100 miles north and south of it - It is located right on the SC side of the NC state line.

Ok, so as I am travelling along, using my GPS (from now on, referred to as “Jack”}, I’m finding out it’s shortcomings. It has 3 choices of route – Fastest, shortest and Eco. What the heck is that? OK – I’ve turned off my cell phone as I’m driving cause I have a habit of diving for it whenever it rings. The clock on my dashboard doesn’t work. And I can’t check Jack’s time while I’m driving. What is this about????? But W-a-i-t ------- W-a-i-t what’s this. A trip log? Whoopee!!!!! There it is folks - # miles driven; gas mileage, time travelled - what a find!!! I just spent a few hundred $$$$$$ getting the odemeter fixed, well forget that, maybe un-fixed is a better word, and I have all the information I need already calculated on my GPS.

Thus, I finally arrived in Savannah, about the time it was getting dark. Yep, I did it – I managed to get lost. But good old Jack got me straightened out. I asked him for a certain motel – he said it was about 10 miles, and he’d get me there – down this dark road, getting darker and darker. I was starting to worry about it – when I passed a sign telling me that a left turn would take me to the prison. This does not bode well for my sense of well being. But, all is well. The motel is clustered with others on either side of I-95. I’m stuck with a smoking room, but it is on the ground floor, and I have parked right out side. After spending 2 months at Angie’s, I should be able to handle 1 nite. So, I park, grab my keys, open the hatch, and wrestle my computer bag away from the handle bar of the bike – lock the door, and head for the room……….. with no room key. Somewhere between the driver’s seat and the back hatch, I have lost the key.

My first born gave me a wonderful gift among all the car safety items she gave me. It is a headlamp, and so handy. Grabbed it, lit it and searched my purse, and all the bags in the back of the car. Finally I found the key. I must have dropped it while I was wrestling the bike.

Down side – the bike is lying on top of my clothes bag. Guess I can wear the same stuff tomorrow. Myra will sort it all out when I get there tomorrow. She's an expert at organizing. Not just things, but people too. She'll keep me on the straight and narrow.

I was checking out some old e-mails while sitting here. Oh, no. I received a message from my friend Joy back in January, and I hadn't responded! She had fallen and broken her leg. She gave me her cell phone # and asked me to call her. Shame on me - I didn't call her. So I gave her a quick call tonite. She's home from the hospital and has graduated from a wheelchair to a walker to crutches, and is looking forward to being recovered enough to show me around Galveston and Houston area.

Good night all, it’s been a very pleasant first day! And think of it this way.... I'm not sitting across the table running my mouth at you - you can always hit the delete button! I do run on, don't I.

Bear Hugs

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hurry up, and Wait

Who’d a thot…. That it would be the weather in Virginia and Florida keeping me from leaving
Virginia Beach???? My original plan had been to leave here on February 3, and here it is the 11th already - My current plans are to leave here on the 14th.

The car is 90% packed, I have one more trip to the storage unit and then just, wait, wait, wait.

My plan for today is to get a GPS and Inverter. The Ladies, that wonderful, loving, caring, group of friends, took up a collection to pay for them when I decided to wait to purchase because of the car repairs. They said they wanted to make sure I found my way back.
Oh, how I love Warm Fuzzies!


On the road again!!!!! -Almost (2/8/10)

It seems it has taken so long to get to this point. Madame (the Volvo) had to go in for some minor (but expensive) surgery.

My medical visit was a touchdown! Blood pressure down, weight – well, not down, but not but a couple pounds up, general outlook – Perfect!

I’m organized and packed and ready to roll!

I’m an avid book on tape listener. I’ve been wracking my brain about how I could manage to get books to listen to on the road. The radio has a CD player, but it eats the CD’s and doesn’t spit them out. I’ve heard that Cracker Barrel Restaurants has a book rental program. But nothing beats knowing for sure you have a supply. So, I was excited when I noticed the book sale at the library. For the paltry sum of $22.50, I got 10 books on tape, 7 hardbound books and 1 paperback. And 2 of the books on tape are from my favorite author, and series – between those 2 volumes alone there are close to 50 tapes. That should really improve driving those relentless miles across Texas and New Mexico.

Friend Myra tells me that most campgrounds and a lot of truck stops have a book exchange programs. That should keep me very happy.

I have a fresh haircut – very, very short which should take care of me for nearly 2 months.

Even “Wee Beastie” is ready to go. I’ve a back pack for him to ride in. If he starts bugging me with “Are we there yet”, I’ll just zip him in – that ought to shut him up!

I was looking at the map of California yesterday. Man! It’s been nearly 40 years since I’ve been there. I had planned to stay inland to shoot up to Sacramento, then on to Chico. But……
One place I really want to revisit is Solvang. A very Scandinavian place. I didn’t remember it’s location being that close to the coast. I know I’ll be stopping in San Bernardino, and to get to Solvang – I have to skirt LA - And there is no good way to get around it, cause there is a large National Forest between LA and where I want to go – for anyone who wants to look it up – Solvang is just a “jog” north of Santa Barbara. Actually – as I look at the map, it should be quite a beautiful drive - The national forest area looks to be made up of the Sierra Madre Mtns, and the Santa Inez Mtns. Then I would take highway #1 north to somewhere around Salinas – then cut east to avoid San Francisco. Highway # 1 is better known as the Big Sur way. My folks lived in Carmel Valley at one time, so it will be good to see that more familiar part of the state again.

I had mentioned Solvang to my SIL, Carol at one time, and she said we could visit from her place – but it’s quite a haul from Chico to Solvang, so I guess I’ll check that area out before I get to Chico. But…. I’ll leave SF to Carol. She can probably find her way around there with her eyes closed since that is where my brother was hospitalized for all those months. I hope she has been back to SF since then, so it won’t be so painful to visit.

Wow, I’m getting way ahead of myself. I have a lot of ground to cover before getting to CA.

Bear Hugs

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Virginia Beach Interlude

Let’s see, it’s been two weeks again since I updated this blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve been ensconced in Virginia Beach that long.

Oh, yes, I forgot, you haven’t met Wee Beastie. When we first met, we were drawn to each other immediately . It was love at first sight! I put my arms out and he leapt to me. He was mine forever! Big brown eyes, curly hair, and oh, so huggable!!! You will be seeing a lot of him on my travels.

OK – here goes. First, to finish up the visit to New York. Diana and Myra: Pay Up! I had a great time! I’m only speaking for myself here. From Angie and Amanda’s viewpoint, I’m sure it was way too long a visit. You know what they say about house guests and fish!

The drive south was great. I just kept driving and driving! I had such a sense of freedom. No weather until late in the trip. I had intended to stop and spend the nite in Richmond, but I failed to let my daughter know I was coming. She was out for the evening, and when we finally connected, I had already turned south toward Virginia Beach. I called my friend Diana, told her to stay up a couple hours, and I bunked in with her.

I learned a lot in the past 2 months – I don’t mean about the family, but other little interesting facts. I wish I had written them all down. In the future, I will so I can add them to my blog.

Lake George, NY- I don’t think I had ever read “The Last of the Mohicans” but I’ve watched the movie in fits and starts. I could never figure out how that group made it to the fort with all those angry troops and Indians surrounding it. Now I know that they canoed across Lake George. A replica of the fort stands proudly on the shore.

Another fact I learned on the drive south. The watershed for the Chesapeake Bay begins about 90 miles north of Binghamton, NY. Now, see – free education when you read this blog.

On the drive down, I got to thinking about a traveling life such as friends Myra and JT have, and decided that if I feel the same when I return next fall, somehow, someway, I’ll managed to get some sort of rig, and stay at it – work-camping around the country.

The weekend I got here, there was a RV show at the convention center. Janet and I went. What fun. I kept looking at the teeny, tiny rigs I might be able to tow behind my Volvo, so while I enjoyed seeing the bigger rigs, I wasn’t at that time considering them – until after I got home, that is. I joked about getting the pull-along, then advertising for a travel companion with a truck to pull it.

That evening while talking with Myra, she told me to keep in mind that in the Fall, they intended to sell their other truck. Oh-Oh, this is beginning to sound like a possibility. I saw one travel trailer with a bunk-room - not just bunkbeds you slide into, but an actual room. Bottom bunk was a double – built in dresser with space to walk next to the bed. Wow, I could rip out those beds and have a sewing room. Could I live in that rig? You bet. Just me and Wee Beastie

I’m trying something new with the blog – I’m writing it in Word, then going to paste it into the blog. That way, I can insert photos wherever I want, instead of just at the top. Hope it works. Well, it didn't!!!

I’ve been taking care of “business” for the past several days. I’m not one who likes to do serious shopping – seen one mall, seen them all. But I’ve a long list of stuff to accomplish before I leave here next week. People to see, and things to do!

I got an air mattress and pump, tarp, miscellaneous little stuff that adds up fast - I bought some small collapsible fabric boxes to help sort out all my stuff. My biggest concern was clothing. The weather this year is so funky. Cold down South, and not so cold up north.

And then, how can I pack the clothes conveniently, without having to rummage around every time I need something. I came up with under the bed storage – fabric with full zippered clear plastic cover. Perfect.

I’ve been to AAA and picked up maps. At least the maps I need to get to Phoenix. I bought a GPS in NY, but returned it to the store - I couldn’t change the starting place. That wouldn’t work. But I’ve narrowed it down to just 3 models, and I think I’ll pick up one before I leave here.

I’ve visited friends here – the Lady’s took me to lunch for my Birthday, I’ve sewed at Jackie’s, computed at Janets, Hovered at Holly’s – and the plan for today is to see Avatar in 3-D with Diana. I’m also determined not to leave here until I’ve had some of Holly’s wonderful Chili.

And the Weather! Ah, the weather. First real snowstorm in decades. I was snowbound for the entire weekend - I’m staying at good friend Al’s home. Hereafter, I will refer to his home as the “Ice House” The man is doing his part for the environment! No heat in winter, no air conditioning in summer. I checked the thermostat – it’s set at 54 – and that was after threatened to crawl in bed with him to get warm! – at that, he condescended to turn it up about 2 degrees. At least in NY you could stand in front of the heater to get warm. We are in heat pump country here. That’s the technology that tells you that when you feel cool air coming from the vent, it’s really warm air and if you concentrate real hard, you’ll feel it as warm air.

On Monday, I met my oldest in Williamsburg for lunch. It was a perfect day – sun shining, snow glistening, The drive up (about an hour) was uneventful – the roads had been plowed, and were dry and clear. That was my “so long” lunch – I guess I won’t see her again until I return in the fall.

Photo Gallery Well, I had hoped to post more photos, but they didn't up-load. I'll keep trying on future posts. There must be some way to do it.

Until the next post,

Bear Hugs,