Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leaving St. Augusine

I’ve talked about how cold it was last week, and you may have noticed on the National weather that it was in the 50’s here, and wonder what I was talking about. It was the wind, it was bitter cold from the wind. The nite we played Bingo – the wind stopped and it started warming up from that time.

Let’s see – On Sunday, I drove up to Jacksonville to visit with Cindy – who worked with me last year at Jo-Ann’s. Now, I more or less quit drinking coffee last summer when my blood pressure spiked. But at Cindy’s I must have had 4-5 cups of this wonderful, smooth coffee. What kind is it, Cindy?

We chatted about sewing projects, JoAnn’s, and life in general. I got some help with my car from her husband, Randy – for which I am very grateful. A brakelight went out on the way to Jacksonville – Once I pulled out the spare tire and all the stuff I have crammed around it, I found it was just loose and was able to tighten it. Randy put in a couple fuses – 1 for the clock. Good, now I won’t have to buy a pocket watch to keep track of time. Randy also figured out how to get the bike rack on for me.

When I left, Cindy picked some grapefruit for me, and posed with the Wee Beastie. I drove up and back on the A1A – the road runs right along the water. It’s a lovely drive with lots of beach rentals, and some real mansions, even a castle.

Back at Myra’s and JT’s – I packed up the car and loaded the bike to be ready for an early git-away. Myra and JT insisted I watch a PBS program on the Burmese Pythons which are invading Florida. Not my favorite subject, snakes, but I watched it with interest. After the program, Myra commented that I shouldn’t go out at night without a flashlight or shoes.

So, now, I no longer make a “9 mile hike” to the washroom, I am on “Python Patrol”. Remember the 4-5 cups of coffee? Need I say more?

An interesting fact about St. Augustine. There is a law that prevents the construction of a building more than 2 ½ stories high. There is an 8 story bank building in the town, but once it was finished, the populace said, no more and put the law on the books. Driving along the beach is wonderful, cause you are not among the shadows of high-rise hotels.

Well, I’m off to the west coast of Florida to visit my cousin.

Bear Hugs,

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