Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hurry up, and Wait

Who’d a thot…. That it would be the weather in Virginia and Florida keeping me from leaving
Virginia Beach???? My original plan had been to leave here on February 3, and here it is the 11th already - My current plans are to leave here on the 14th.

The car is 90% packed, I have one more trip to the storage unit and then just, wait, wait, wait.

My plan for today is to get a GPS and Inverter. The Ladies, that wonderful, loving, caring, group of friends, took up a collection to pay for them when I decided to wait to purchase because of the car repairs. They said they wanted to make sure I found my way back.
Oh, how I love Warm Fuzzies!


On the road again!!!!! -Almost (2/8/10)

It seems it has taken so long to get to this point. Madame (the Volvo) had to go in for some minor (but expensive) surgery.

My medical visit was a touchdown! Blood pressure down, weight – well, not down, but not but a couple pounds up, general outlook – Perfect!

I’m organized and packed and ready to roll!

I’m an avid book on tape listener. I’ve been wracking my brain about how I could manage to get books to listen to on the road. The radio has a CD player, but it eats the CD’s and doesn’t spit them out. I’ve heard that Cracker Barrel Restaurants has a book rental program. But nothing beats knowing for sure you have a supply. So, I was excited when I noticed the book sale at the library. For the paltry sum of $22.50, I got 10 books on tape, 7 hardbound books and 1 paperback. And 2 of the books on tape are from my favorite author, and series – between those 2 volumes alone there are close to 50 tapes. That should really improve driving those relentless miles across Texas and New Mexico.

Friend Myra tells me that most campgrounds and a lot of truck stops have a book exchange programs. That should keep me very happy.

I have a fresh haircut – very, very short which should take care of me for nearly 2 months.

Even “Wee Beastie” is ready to go. I’ve a back pack for him to ride in. If he starts bugging me with “Are we there yet”, I’ll just zip him in – that ought to shut him up!

I was looking at the map of California yesterday. Man! It’s been nearly 40 years since I’ve been there. I had planned to stay inland to shoot up to Sacramento, then on to Chico. But……
One place I really want to revisit is Solvang. A very Scandinavian place. I didn’t remember it’s location being that close to the coast. I know I’ll be stopping in San Bernardino, and to get to Solvang – I have to skirt LA - And there is no good way to get around it, cause there is a large National Forest between LA and where I want to go – for anyone who wants to look it up – Solvang is just a “jog” north of Santa Barbara. Actually – as I look at the map, it should be quite a beautiful drive - The national forest area looks to be made up of the Sierra Madre Mtns, and the Santa Inez Mtns. Then I would take highway #1 north to somewhere around Salinas – then cut east to avoid San Francisco. Highway # 1 is better known as the Big Sur way. My folks lived in Carmel Valley at one time, so it will be good to see that more familiar part of the state again.

I had mentioned Solvang to my SIL, Carol at one time, and she said we could visit from her place – but it’s quite a haul from Chico to Solvang, so I guess I’ll check that area out before I get to Chico. But…. I’ll leave SF to Carol. She can probably find her way around there with her eyes closed since that is where my brother was hospitalized for all those months. I hope she has been back to SF since then, so it won’t be so painful to visit.

Wow, I’m getting way ahead of myself. I have a lot of ground to cover before getting to CA.

Bear Hugs

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