Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And, We're Off!


Madame isn’t really packed quite that full – I see some tree reflections in the window.

Al finally pushed me out the door. I was getting way too comfortable in my little hide-a-away. He says when he hears I’m next headed for Virginia – he’ll be out of town…..!!!!

He got up early to make sure I left, and. Well, To be quite honest, to help me finish loading. Especially my bike and rack. After fiddle-farting around with it for about 20 minutes, he said why don’t you just put it inside on top of all your stuff. So we did, and that just may be where the bike rides for the rest of the trip. (What no name for my bike? I’ll have to work on that

I really did bully Al into letting me stay at his place, and he was very gracious about my being there. I appreciate your generosity very much, Al.

A cup of coffee and a bag of ice from the 7-11 and we’re on our way. New odometer and trip meter clicking away, Whoa, what did I say? I duly noted the mileage when I filled the gas tank. Then about 75 miles from VB, I check the trip meter – 40 miles. Well I knew that was wrong, but it hadn’t worked since I got the car, so I guess I can get along without it. Then I stopped in North Carolina and looked at the odometer to get an idea how far I had driven @#$%^&**()_+@@$#%^& THE ODEMETER IS NOT WORKING!!!! I’ll have to call Brian Monday morning and have a chat.

Big disappointment, I really wanted to keep track of my gas mileage. Well, there went the rest of the donuts. Oops, didn’t mean to say that – but no more junk food I promise you. If ever there was a chocolate moment, this is it.

It was a beautiful day for travelling. Cool and sunny - I talked with someone from Maine who had just called home and found out it was 1 degree warmer in Maine than in NC. A lot of Snow Birds on the road – I had figured they all would have left before this. The traffic wasn’t bad at all, and Myra is right – SC has fixed their portion of I-95.

OK – I resolve to stop at every rest top and walk briskly, well, ok moderately around the parking lot. - Well, I only skipped 1 rest stop on the way – Oops, make that 2 – I missed the information center for GA – it was connected with the weigh station, and I didn’t realize it until it was too late.

That’s when I decided to spend the nite in Savannah. I had been trying to call Myra for about 3 hours, but I was in a dead zone.

I also tried to call my first born. Today is her birthday, and she has always been the most special Valentine’s gift to all of us. Her family, friends, and really anyone who has ever met her is left with a good impression.

What’s in a name: I passed a sign designating “Dry Bread Road” Interesting. Wonder what that is all about. I know what Witchduck Rd. is about, can’t remember what Chicken Valley Rd. is about, but Dry Bread Road???? Any suggestions? Myra or JT may know, cause it’s just south of Emporia on I-95

Well, let’s see. I’m “homeless” and broke. I have a reserve account, (Dick) a traveling account (Jane) and a cash reserve account (Sally) And Jane is totally flat-lined. (and I’m 10 days from pay-day) See Spot Run - now, you’ll all know I’m more than just a bit nuts. (Someone once laughed at me for my handling of travel budget - before the days of debit cards, I'd take cash, and divide into different envelopes - this one for lodging, this one for food, one for gas, one for attractions. So, what happened if I ran out of food money? Why, I'd just "borrow" it from the gas money. It worked!)

What really, really, scares me is that being broke and “homeless” really doesn’t bother me. I’ll have to borrow Alabama $$ from “Dick” for Florida, then borrow Texas money for Alabama. Hmmmm – I think I have it worked out. Janet – what was it you said about Capricorns and money?

Wait a minute. "Homeless" seems just too harsh. Maybe "Rootless" is a better word. Yes, I like that. Rootless. I feel better already, don't you? And broke? Well, that's just a state of mind, and calls for creativity. So. now I'm rootless and creative. Much, much better. Adventure awaits me.

The things I think of on the road For instance – at 103 miles out – the signs for South of the Border started appearing. For all those who have travelled I-95 south – you know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you - “South of the Border” is a hmmmmm, I guess the closest I can come to it is - truck stop – but with amusement areas, restaurants, souvenier (junk) shops, play grounds – all designed to sell you overpriced items. Funky, corny signs – like “Chili today, gone Tamale” It’s crazy, and the signs go on for 100 miles north and south of it - It is located right on the SC side of the NC state line.

Ok, so as I am travelling along, using my GPS (from now on, referred to as “Jack”}, I’m finding out it’s shortcomings. It has 3 choices of route – Fastest, shortest and Eco. What the heck is that? OK – I’ve turned off my cell phone as I’m driving cause I have a habit of diving for it whenever it rings. The clock on my dashboard doesn’t work. And I can’t check Jack’s time while I’m driving. What is this about????? But W-a-i-t ------- W-a-i-t what’s this. A trip log? Whoopee!!!!! There it is folks - # miles driven; gas mileage, time travelled - what a find!!! I just spent a few hundred $$$$$$ getting the odemeter fixed, well forget that, maybe un-fixed is a better word, and I have all the information I need already calculated on my GPS.

Thus, I finally arrived in Savannah, about the time it was getting dark. Yep, I did it – I managed to get lost. But good old Jack got me straightened out. I asked him for a certain motel – he said it was about 10 miles, and he’d get me there – down this dark road, getting darker and darker. I was starting to worry about it – when I passed a sign telling me that a left turn would take me to the prison. This does not bode well for my sense of well being. But, all is well. The motel is clustered with others on either side of I-95. I’m stuck with a smoking room, but it is on the ground floor, and I have parked right out side. After spending 2 months at Angie’s, I should be able to handle 1 nite. So, I park, grab my keys, open the hatch, and wrestle my computer bag away from the handle bar of the bike – lock the door, and head for the room……….. with no room key. Somewhere between the driver’s seat and the back hatch, I have lost the key.

My first born gave me a wonderful gift among all the car safety items she gave me. It is a headlamp, and so handy. Grabbed it, lit it and searched my purse, and all the bags in the back of the car. Finally I found the key. I must have dropped it while I was wrestling the bike.

Down side – the bike is lying on top of my clothes bag. Guess I can wear the same stuff tomorrow. Myra will sort it all out when I get there tomorrow. She's an expert at organizing. Not just things, but people too. She'll keep me on the straight and narrow.

I was checking out some old e-mails while sitting here. Oh, no. I received a message from my friend Joy back in January, and I hadn't responded! She had fallen and broken her leg. She gave me her cell phone # and asked me to call her. Shame on me - I didn't call her. So I gave her a quick call tonite. She's home from the hospital and has graduated from a wheelchair to a walker to crutches, and is looking forward to being recovered enough to show me around Galveston and Houston area.

Good night all, it’s been a very pleasant first day! And think of it this way.... I'm not sitting across the table running my mouth at you - you can always hit the delete button! I do run on, don't I.

Bear Hugs

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  1. So begins the great adventure! Glad you got out and on the road, the weather has not been on your side! By now you have probably gotten to Myra's and are finding out what the area has to offer in the way of adventure and fun.
    Too bad you are having problems with the bike, but you will figure out a solution. Who knows by next spring you may have parked the car and be traveling by bike only!!!!!
    All is calm and quiet here, I'm going off to Jackies to do some sewing and of course have lunch, then I will go to Betsy's for Majhong.
    Remember, homless or rootless - it's a choice. You are out there to find something, a quest, not as a unloved wandering gypsy!!!!

    Keep up the blog you are doing a great job....H