Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I arrived at the KOA Kampground Thursday afternoon in time to
Check in. I remarked to the Camp Host that the weather forecast
all week had said we’d have rain that day and I was very happy to
see that they were wrong.

I then drove around the campground to find my site - and, wouldn’t
You know it – as soon as I turned off the ignition, it started pouring
I just sat there dumbfounded! It turned out to just be a sun shower
Which ended quite quickly. I sat in my car contemplating my navel
For about 20 minutes then hopped out and hurriedly put the tent
Up. As usual, I didn’t stake out the fly cause it’s so hard for me to get
Through. (That won’t happen again)

I then went looking for the cousins. The arrived shortly after I did, and
We sat around talking for awhile, until it started to rain again. I sought
Shelter in their camp. (Much to my chagrin) When I finally returned
To my tent, the whole entry area was soaked, with a small lake flowing
Under the floor of my tent. That’s not a problem because I have a
“bathtub” bottom in the tent – no seams to leak! But I still had to slosh
Through the puddles on the tarp. I swept the water away the best I could,
But – I still had to wade through gumbo anywhere I went in the campground.

If you don’t know what gumbo is – Lucky You!

I was just settling in for an early night when Gary called to say he had
Arrived in town and to tell me where he was staying.

The first official reunion function was to be dinner on Friday nite in
The kitchen pavilion.

It continued to rain all day Friday. At the very last possible moment, Cousin
Sharon’s son, Rick got permission for us to have dinner at the Great Falls
Trap and Skeet club facility. Then it was a scramble to notify everyone.

I managed to get a hold of my niece, Nicki, to tell her of the change – but
I couldn’t contact Gary - I left messages on his cell phone, and at his hotel.
No luck. (I was to learn later he had driven north just enjoying the country
Side – and didn’t return to his hotel until midnite)

The “Meet and Greet” at the club house was a well attended and noisy affair,
As it should be. At least 4 generations were present and accounted for.
Sharon had printed up a family tree starting with my great-grandparents, complete
With photos.

While staying over night in Helena on the way to Great
Falls, I made a banner for the reunion. Somehow it got mis-placed, and
Didn’t make it to the Friday night dinner.

The food, of course was delicious. We had ham and potato salad chips
And dessert. Naturally there was dessert – huckleberry crisp, and a Coca-
Cola cake – m-m-m- More ##s to account for.

Cousins Sharon and Terry had the most family members there, but I was
Not alone – my niece, Nicki came to stand in for her generation. It was
Great seeing her. I met so many of the younger generations my head was

As we left the clubhouse – there was a rainbow in the sky. In fact, I’ve seen
Several rainbows since I’ve been here.

Sharon’s son, Denny Dorr was our professional photographer for the weekend.
Please check out his website at Digital Montana Photography – or if you are on facebook Search on it - He has awesome photography. One of his projects – the ballerina project, Places ballerinas out in nature – so cool!

As we were driving back to the campground, I watched a towering thunder cloud get
Closer and closer – hoping to get there in time to get a good photo of it, but it was directly Over the campground, so I couldn’t a shot at the top of it. Surprisingly, it didn’t dump any Rain – just moved out across the prairie.

Saturday noon – we all met in the kitchen pavilion for burgers and hot dogs, and more desserts. Strawberry/rhubarb pie this time!

And before we were ready, it was time for supper. This time, Sharon’s son, Rick made pulled Pork and cowboy beans. We also had Rhubarb punch – delicious.

Chow Time

We hung around visiting, telling stories, catching up and having photos taken by Denny And by each other.

The second Cousins

Cousin Terry's Group

Cousin Sharon's Group

Cousin Diane's Group

We set a date for the next reunion –the weekend of July 20, 2012.

The youngest attendees were 8 ½ month old twins – the oldest was, well let’s not
Go there!

It was a wonderful weekend – two short by far – too much catching up to do. I am
Very happy to have caught up with the cousins. It’s been far too long. I hope by the next reunion, I hope some of my kids, grandwidgets and great grands can attend.

Sunday morning, the KOA campers departed. Sandy and Gregg back to Florida,
Judy and Tom, and Ron and Linda were headed to Judy and Tom’s place on the
River – Donna was headed back to Kalispell. I set out for cousin Diane’s home
In Belt – about 20 miles away.

For a time on this trip that was the only date I had to think about. But somewhere
Along the way I picked up another date – the middle of September, in Wausau, WI, to
Await the birth of my newest great grandwidget.

Until next time,
Bear Hugs

“I’ve gone to look for myself. If I return before I get back, Please ask
Me to wait.”

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