Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, June 14, 2010

Point Lobo and Carmel Valley


1. Pt Lobo
2. Another beautiful view from Pt. Lobo
3. Where I sat while talking to Holly
4. Lone Cypress - 17 mile drive - Pebble Beach

I woke up at 8 a.m. refreshed and ready to go. Over night, I recharged my computer, phone, and cd player, so I am all set!

I check the mileage to Chico and it is less than 300 miles, so I’m happy, and I decided to wander around the area for the morning to touch base with different places I’ve been before. I met a lady walking her dog in the parking lot this a.m. – She commented upon seeing my license plates that I had come a long way, She was on her way to Laguna Seca for the race. She was a volunteer and in charge of the beer concession – what fun!!!

I headed back south to the Point Lobo Reserve, about 5 miles from here. This place is incredible. I took a trail along the shore, saw a 4 legged speed demon – a lizard skittering across the path ahead of me. The coast is very rugged and rocking along here. The Pacific is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t even describe the shade of blue it is.

I stopped to chat with a couple that were just as amazed as I was at the beauty of this place, and learned that they were from Blacksburg, Virginia! Small World ! We all wondered why the Atlantic doesn’t look this beautiful. Especially since the east coast of the Atlantic – Africa – is just as beautiful a blue as this, but without the rocks Africa’s coast is white sand beaches – at least the part I saw!!!

I then finally found a parking spot near the Cypress trail, (still in Point Lobo Reserve) and started walking. I could stay here all day – OMG is it beautiful. I could hear seals barking – they must have been over on those rocks. (at about this point, the batteries in my recorder went dead – so I’ll have to rely on my memory for the rest of the day) I found a particularly beautiful spot to sit – watching the waves crash on the rocks, and called Holly to share my excitement, and to tell her she and Jackie just had to come out here – and bring lots of batteries for their cameras. The cypress trees are twisted from the wind, and the dead trees are beautiful too. I guess I spent at least an hour on this short trail. It was hard to leave, but I needed to make Chico before bedtime. I had a couple more stops to make, though.

Mom and Dad lived in Carmel Valley some years ago. Dad spent a lot of time walking around Pt. Lobo, and Mom worked with a volunteer group that made Christmas Ornaments to support a small art museum. One of Dad’s favorite spots was overlooking the “Lone Cypress Tree” I thought it was in Pt. Lobo, but learned it was on the 17 mile drive. So, I headed there. It’s a 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach. Not all of it is on the beach – most of it is through hills on winding roads where the “Big Bucks” live. Beautiful homes – the ones you can see.

One day when Dad was visiting the Lone Cypress, he started talking with a young artist sketching the tree. Some weeks later, Dad received a call, inviting him to pick up a print of the pen and ink he had done of the tree. It’s a favorite of mine too. The decades of Pacific Storms have not been kind to the tree – it is about 200 years old, and has been re-shaped by the wind since the picture was done.

Upon finishing the 17 mile drive, I headed up Carmel Valley Road to look over the Folks old place. What a change. What was once bare acreage with a ranch style house on it is now a vineyard. You can hardly see the house for the trees around it, and there are other structures there now. I took some photos, then headed toward Salinas over the Las Loralles Grade. But, first something to eat. I stopped to get a croissant to eat with my ham and cheese – my olive rolls now getting stale.

It was now about 4:30 p.m., and I had 283 miles ahead of me.

Until Next Time,
Bear Hugs,

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  1. Good morning my dear road warrior! It's gray and humid and hot here this am, thinking of you walking in the sunshine makes me happy.
    I played Mjhong with Betsy and she said she had talked to you, I wish she was feeling better. I dont know what she can do, she wants to eat fresh veggies, and they are telling her not to. Hopfully it will get sorted out after some more tests, Jackie said she had a nice visit with you too! SHe is still talking about cleaning our her studio..and watching "Hoarders" and telling herself that she needs to get a grip.
    I'm still rowing and am actually working in the studio and weaving a bit!
    Glad to hear you are in good spirits, breath in all that fresh ocean air for me!