Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just rambling

1. The hill I finally mastered after 3 attempts.
2. Monkey Face Rock
3. View from the top

I’m just going to do some rambling through this blog – mostly about me and my thoughts.

When I arrived in Chico, about 10:45 on a Friday nite, Carol had pizza waiting for me. Little was I to know that was the last I would see of “junk” food. I told her I was staying until I lost 20#.
She took me very seriously. The next morning, she picked up a copy of “Belly Fat Cure” and we all started on it. We’re not following it to a “T”, because it’s a lifestyle change – not a diet.

Basically, it restricts sugar to 15 grams (1 banana will do it!) a day and about 6 servings of “good” carbs a day, then throw in some protein. She started us off each day with oatmeal with chopped pecans, raisens, and frozen blueberries, with an egg stirred in at the end for protein. We’ve moved on to Cherrios and/or shredded wheat with the blueberries. I’ve also given up all sugar substitutes, also - If I really need something sweetened – a bit of Stevia will do it. (My oldest has been trying to get me to switch to Stevia for years!) (Raisens aren’t on the good list, but Carol says we need the iron) I also went through my "camp kitchen" pulled out everything with sugar or sugar substitutes and gave it to the food bank - 20# of it!!!

I’m loving it. I don’t get hungry between meals, but if I do – I get a few pecans or almonds and that satisfies the hunger.

Then we started the exercise. We are about 2 blocks from a big city park – it is beautiful – not manicured, but left natural with bike and horse trails, walking and running paths. They took me on a route that has become my morning routine. The route is like a long, narrow rectangle.
We measured the route with Carol’s bike. 1.3 miles and I did that every morning for nearly 2 weeks, then it became too easy, and I have increased it by either walking it twice, or by doubling or tripling the park path part – so it’s a little over 2.5 miles each day, now I have extended it by walking to the end of the park, and back – 4 miles. I stay on the same route because I’m usually up and out before anyone else so I walk alone – by staying on the route, Carol knows where to find me, if she needs to!

1.3 miles – my first bike ride since arriving, and I struggled. At one point there is a hill, I worked so hard to get up that hill! The downside was steep, but I managed it well enough. The next morning I walked the route in reverse – up the downside of the hill - then started looking for the part I struggled up the day before. Har-umph!!! It was such a slight rise in the path, I almost missed it!!!! What a wuss I am. It wasn’t a hill, It wasn’t a hillock, it was hardly noticible! Boy am I out of shape.

I continue to walk every morning. One day Carol said “let’s take a ride” So out came the bikes. This time, down the streets outside the park to the freeway (Understand, these are sleepy residential streets with trees, and beautiful yards to look at), then into the park, and picked up the paved road. When we arrived home, we had done 7 miles. 7 MILES- people! I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve been feeling so good – getting into shape, and getting healthy. My blood pressure has dropped from border-line high to low normal in 3 weeks. (yesterday was 106/74) I’ve also dropped nearly 18#. The first week I was here, I bought a couple more pair of scrub pants, but hadn’t tried to wear them until this weekend – I have to “un-shop” them. They are too big. How wonderful those 2 little words sound in my ears – Too Big!!!!

Saturday, Carol says “Let’s go for a ride” Well I was all ready to go the 7 miles again not to be.
She comes out in her bike shorts (padded) and fancy bike shirt with back pockets. She is concerned I’ll get rubbed raw. Well, a little insight. Carol’s little butt and little butt bike seat are suited to each other, and she needs the padded shorts. But…… I have a big butt and a big butt bike seat with lots of padding, so I’m fine – except for one thing, I need to adjust the nose of my seat up a little, cause I keep sliding off the front and having to scoot back up on the seat.

She took me out into the county. I had to conquer cattle guards, which were fun once I got over the fear of my bike throwing me. We rode along farm roads, in and out of trees and residential neighborhoods. She says there are 3 loops we’ll take. Now, she is a much faster, stronger rider than I am, and when I came out of the first loop, she was no where to be seen. I yelled her name, I even tried to call her on my cell – but I couldn’t get through. Finally, I just picked a road and started peddling, it was the correct way, and we met up at the end of it.

Then we retraced that part of the road, and she said – just go up the hill on the other side of the bridge. I’m peddling along, enjoying the breeze, and shade, and the murmer of the creek, thinking I had to turn right on the other side of the bridge - getting ready to turn, I looked up and there it was, straight ahead!

THE HILL! Up the hill? UP THE HILL??? I specifically ordered level and down hill for this ride!!! By the time I saw the hill, I didn’t have enough time to build up enough speed to make it – probably wouldn’t have anyway - it was a short hill, but it was steep!!!! I had to walk my bike partway. Anyway, we made it home – after a total of 11.6 miles – my 3rd bike ride, people!
Am I proud? You bet I am.

We’ve also gone walking several times in Upper Bidwell park – which is out in the county, but still a part of the city park. Upper Bidwell has a fishing lake, hiking and biking trails, a golf course (the only manicured part) and a planetarium. We started by walking around the lake – it’s quite a small lake stocked with catfish. All was fine til Carol cut from the main trail, to a narrow path through the grass - “Watch for snakes, “ she says. Great, could have gone all day without hearing that. When we got back to the car, I was still moving, so we started up one of the hills. Big Hill. We got up about 1/3, then walked back down. This walk was a spur of the moment decision, and I was wearing rubber garden clogs. First step downward, I slipped – kept my feet, but was very, very careful the rest of the way down.

It took two more tries, but I finally made it to the top of that hill.

If I’m ever going to get this posted, I need to do it now!
Until next time,
Bear Hugs

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  1. Way to go Boots! I cant believe our little boots is going to be a Jock! It's great when you do something you thought you couldnt do isnt it? I guess I better get my bike butt together if I am going to keep up with yu.
    We spent yesterday floatting down the James river. WE had 11 people and 3 large coolers...so we didnt get hungry or thirsty. Sunburned yes, but it was a wonderfull. Not too cool and the water was nice. We need to do that when you are here...very fun and relaxing.

    I had my first sculling lesson today. I have been doing the sweep boat (you row with one oar..like a dragon boat I think) and playing around in a scull (two oars skinny long boat). So today at 10:30 when it was around 80 I took my first offical lesson. By 12:30 my little butt was hot and dragging. It was me and three high school kids! I will keep you posted!