Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This n' That


Moon Shot
Dick's Marker Yep, It's upside down!
Gaow Praying

Arizona Immigration Law. Gives law officers the right to stop anyone for any reason to make them prove they are in Arizona legally. There are four ways to prove you are here legally:
1. Valid Arizona Driver’s License
2. Valid Arizona issued ID
3. Passport, Visa, etc.
4. Greencard.

According to this, unless I am carrying my passport with me – I am in Arizona illegally!!!! How do you like them apples?

Yesterday, Gaow and I visited the National Cemetery and located my brother’s memorial marker. The cemetery is quite beautiful – even though it is sand instead of well kept grass. There are cactus – some in bloom – and desert bushes. Very quiet, and restful. I think it must take a lot of work to keep the area as beautiful as it is – the slightest breeze blows the sand, yet the thousands of markers were swept clean.

Gaow and I went shopping at the mall. I’m not a “mall” person, but I knew she would enjoy it. We both needed necessaries, and stuck to our goal – well, mostly. We had lunch, then called sister-in-law Carol – who helped “push” Gaow into going to California with me. Someone told me that I didn’t know what “heaven” was until I had had a Paradise Bakery sugar cookie. As we were headed for Paradise, a Godiva Kiosk popped up in front of us. I tried to get past it, but it kept popping up in front of us. I tried to steer Gaow away from it – but, she’s tough for her size (Now, all you that know me best, know that is not quite the way it happened. The evidence is in the skid marks on the tile floor from Goaw’s shoes, as she hopelessly tried to pull me in the other direction.) Anywho….. The Godiva Lady offered us samples. Mandarin Orange in milk chocolate - should have been heavenly. I realized I had never even tasted Godiva chocolates before. Know what? Not impressed. “Chocolat” in Fredericksburg far surpasses them for flavor of both chocolate and filling. Heck, even my own chocolates do. One more item to cross off my 100 things to do before I die list.

In one of my insane moments, I ordered a sewing machine online. (Kit made me do it, honest!!!!) What was I thinking????? I have no room left in the car for it, and especially if Gaow is going to be travelling with me. I had been looking at one at a local store – Kit was with me – she found one on-line for $50 less – not exactly the same, but close. And before I knew it, the order was sent. Well, it arrived yesterday, and I gave it a good workout. Yes, it will be going back. Broke one needle, and had a major thread jam in the hour or sew I played with it. But it felt great to be sewing again. Made a blouse with it. (It’s been returned for refund)

Kit has volunteered her daughter, Michelle, and son-in-law, Eric to paint my pickup and trailer when I get them. She envisions a sign saying “Lady of the Blue Highways” and pinstripes from the truck to trailer. I wonder what Michelle and Eric will have to say about this!!!

Yesterday, a city crew was paving this street. Gaow was suppose to meet me at the house, but they couldn’t get through. So, Gaow picked up her little umbrella and walked down the street.
Ken was watching the paving and spotted Gaow, then watched as each man on the crew stopped what they were doing and watched her walk down the street. Ken says even the big machines stopped while she passed.

Last night was a full moon – the photo was taken by Kit. My camera only picked up the moon.

OK , time to get this posted.

Until next time,
Bear Hugs


  1. Boots,
    You remember that you now have a recipe for that same Paradise sugar cookie? And they taste just the same as the bakerys'

  2. Good Morning Boots,
    Sounds like you are off on another episode of your great travel adventure book. I'm glad you have Gaow traveling with you for a while..its fun to have someone to talk to and see things with. I can just see Gaow walking down the stree with her umbrella/sunbrella. In my mind it is red!
    A sewing machine???? Obvioulsly your other set of friends are enablers!!! What kind of shirt did you make? I expect to see you in size 14 jeans and fitted Tshirts by next fall. Wearing a good pair of walking shoes or boots and striding along. if I am going to be coming for a part of the trip...you will need to be able to get out and walk on trails (or touristy places) Fun! We need to have fun!

    Now are you going to buy a car friendly oven so you can bake sugar cookies>>>>>>? I have never thought Godiva was all that good either, it's good..but you do make chocoloates that taste just as good!
    It's cooled off here this morning, and the slakers didnt want to row...so we went to breakfast...now I guess I will go out and work in the yard....life is good...
    Be well, stay safe, have fun,
    Love you, Holly