Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, May 23, 2010

San Bernardino


Boots at 15 onboard Snipper
1952 Ford Panel Van
1932 Ford
Daisy in the driver's seat
Buddy showing off for Heidy and Daisy

Driving west from Phoenix the land starts to change again. When I got on the road Jack says “continue 283 miles on Hwy 10” Oh, goody – I won’t have to listen to him for awhile.

Nearing San Bernardino, I hadn’t noticed I was climbing, but all of a sudden, I was driving down a long winding road into a valley of green fields. It was so refreshing after the miles and miles of desert.

As I drove on, I saw a mountain with dark clouds boiling over the top, leaving behind a new layer of snow.

Down in the valley is a huge wind farm. There must be hundred’s of turbines, on both sides of the road, as far as the eye can see. The turbines went on and on and on – just magnificent.

I crossed the valley, and started up the other side, and Madame began to overheat. There was a rest a area near so I was able to stop and let her cool down for awhile. I also finally remembered to call Margie and let her know I was almost there. (I had promised to call about half way)

I’m noticing the difference in the mountains between Arizona and California. There, they were a sage brush green/ and sometimes grey blue. Here they are an olive green. The “folds” in the mountains look like draped velvet. Just Beautiful!

I can tell Margie has been reading my blog! She met me at the door with a box of See’s fudge.
SEE’S FUDGE – Corliss, eat your heart out!

Margie and I know each other from Great Falls, from about 3rd grade until teenager’s, when her Dad moved them to San Bernardino.

She had a horse before I did – but he didn’t like to be caught. I remember it seems like hours and hours of trying to catch him so we could go riding. I remember one time, when I had my own horse, we were riding around the Ayshire Dairy. We were looking for a gate to get out, but there was none. Finally, we found a dip in the ground which left the bottom wire of the fence a little higher from the ground – Stockings (her horse) was able to go under the wire, but Snipper, was a big brute, and we sort of pulled apart the wire to get him through. We didn’t get away with it!!!! That night, Margie’s Dad called my Dad, after being called by the dairy – and our Dads had to repair the fence - never did it again, I can promise you that.

Saturday morning, we hit Jo-Ann’s and a couple other quilt stores. Margie quilts – she does more traditional quilting – while I just throw together crazy quilts. She and Myra have a lot in common with their quilting.

Sunday, we went shopping at a couple of RV centers. Wow – there are some very beautiful, and expensive units out there. The salesman showed me a couple dream rigs – with sewing rooms (bunk rooms - but with a hammer and saw, I could quickly convert them) They were much bigger rigs than I would ever want, but Oh, my – it’s quite ok to dream!

Margie’s husband, Bob has a love of classic cars. His “Baby” is a 1932 Ford Sedan, painted bright lemon yellow. He also has a 1952 Ford F-100 panel van. Both are fully restored, and he attends car shows at every opportunity. The F-100 he actually uses in his work – he’s a carpeting contractor.

There are 3 – four legged family members. Heidy is the matriarch, she’s about 12 years old. Buddy is about 5 - they are both daschunds. The last night here, Buddy finally sat up while I had a camera in my hand. He was not taught to sit up – he just does it, and not on command either – just when he feels he’s not getting enough attention.

Then there is Daisy. She is a white toy Pomeranian. She appeared on their door about 8 months ago, skinny, starving little rat like creature. They tried to locate the owner – when they finally located the address, the house was empty. One guess is that her owner passed away, and she got out of the yard, scared and upset, and whoever cleared out the house couldn’t find her. White Poms are rare and expensive – so we’re sure she wasn’t just abandoned. Anyway, with all the love and attention Bob and Margie have given her (Bob is her special hero) She has flourished. She is so cute, when she walks, she struts like a ballerina walking flat-footed in toe shoes

We visited AAA to pick up more maps, and a guide to the coast highway. I also discovered a new favorite store - World Market. It’s like Pier 1, but also has food and wine. I could have spent all day there. I didn’t have to, though – as luck would have it – there is one located in Chico – about 2 miles from Carols. I saw the neatest paper plates – they are made from wheat straw rather than wood. I picked up a package of 2 caramels dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt. Very interesting flavor.

I’m leaving in the morning, headed up the coast road toward Chico. I am going to stop at Solvang, a wonderful little Danish town. I remember visiting it with my folks many years ago.

Until next time
Bear Hugs

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  1. Wow! You are getting out and about! Where did you find the picture of you on SNipper? Doesnt it feel strange to look at old pictures of yourself? It's like yu kind of remember that, but not sure who you were back then.
    Wind farm...wish it could take the place of some of the other things we use...oil, coal. Next time you go by one, take a picture.
    We have a version of World Market in this area...cant remember the name but will know by the time you get back.
    Sounded like you were having a great time on the coast yesterday....more pictures!
    Rainy and wet here today, go forth and soak up the sun for me!