Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Winter has arrived and plans to stay around awhile. It’s 25 degrees right now – expecting a high of about 37 today – fresh snow last night – not a lot, just enough to show through the grass.

(Originally written 10/27/2012 -  Today – Nov 8, 2012 – we are expecting a real winter storm – 12 – 18 inches of snow and winds making it true blizzard conditions – we are checking the pantry to make sure we have the necessities – like maybe matches to keep the fire going? – I told Diane – well we’ve got Cheetos and Coca Cola – we’re set!!!)

There has not been a lot going on since we returned from our camping trips a month ago. 

A month ago!!!???   Good grief how time flies.

We’ve settled into regular routines.   First thing in the morning, I check Facebook to see what Brooke and Angie are up to -   (Brooke is horse camping this weekend – temp yesterday in her neck of the woods was nearly 70 -   Angie is starting a new job.)  and then I check my e-mail.

After that – a few hands of solitaire, or some other game – Diane is doing the same.    When we can pull ourselves away from the computers, we have breakfast and settle down for more of the same.

I’m working on some sewing projects, so at some point during the day I spend time at the sewing machine.  

I re-joined Netflix so every evening after supper, we watch an old movie – Last night it was “His Gal Friday” with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant – circa 1940.

Then a few more computer games and off to bed.   Sometimes, I even manage to get dressed during the day –

We usually go to town twice a week – for church and to run errands.   That’s about it!

Before this latest cold snap, I started loading the truck – all the camping gear is installed.  It’s suppose to warm up to the 50’s this week, and I’ll have my sewing projects finished, so I can load up all that stuff, too.   It’s only a matter of 3-4 weeks before I leave here, so I need to take advantage of the weather – don’t want to be trying to pack in knee deep snow. 

I’m not going to try to camp while on the road this time.   I’ll just stay at KOA cabins or pet loving motels.  

 I’ve decided to take Hwy 15 and drop down to Hwy 80 and across to Reno – then weather depending, I’ll either head north from Reno to Susanville, CA or south to Sacramento – then North to Chico.   I’ll be going over the Monida pass in Montana -  which is not mountainous, just high prairie so I’m not worried about that – but the Donner Pass between Reno and Sacramento – well, that’s another story.    I think they require you to have chains for the Donner Pass – I have to check that out – another unexpected expense – which if I don’t use on this trip, I’m not likely to ever need   (Are these famous last words????)

Diane and I had a “Girls night out” last night.   We went to the Cattlemen’s Cut for top grade, grain fed beef!   It’s been forever since I had prime rib – it was well worth the wait!

Last night, Tucker stole the blankets – how can a less than 3# furball steal blankets???? 

His newest trick is to walk across the keyboard while I’m “working” on the computer, or even just curl up and nap on it.   Silly Pup!    The other thing he does now – I now have the computer sitting on the coffee table, I sit on the sofa – Tucker jumps up and naps on my shoulders.   I swear he is part cat!

 Wal-Mart has become my favorite store on my travels -   Tucker is welcome there!   I just put him in his carry bag and off we go – and he attracts attention everywhere we go.   It’s illegal here to leave a pet alone in a vehicle -  If I have to go to Sam’s – for instance,  I have to leave him in the car – so I have to take my chances.

 Well, I smell breakfast cooking,

Until next time,
Bear Hugs
Luv ‘n Boots & Tucker, too
Don’t forget Little Bear

She believed she could do it, and so she did!!!






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