Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Finally, the quilts are finished - actually they were finished last week. What a great feeling! Now on to other projects!

And, the project list is 1/3 done, also. Although at the same time it is getting longer as I thing of other things to do!

What I have left of quilt fabric fits neatly in two large totes. It looks like I'll have virtually a whole truck load of stuff to donate to the local quilt club!

Time is passing so quickly now. I figure I've got about 4 weeks left for sewing, then it will be time to do a final sort/condense of my remaing stuff to make sure everything will fit in Luv.

On the agenda today, Cody and I are going to make another of those luscious cakes - this one will be dark chocolate with white chocolate ganache frosting - or maybe, I'll frost half in white chocolate, and half in dark! Yum. Cody loves to cook - he's like Angie that way.

It feels like spring is on the way, finally - 10 day forecast calls for weather in the mid 30's, even a couple days of 40's. The other day I got up to 3 drips from the beam in the living room. By the time I finished showering, there were 5, I went up to tell Amanda about it - by the time I got back, there were 7 - Within a short time, I had two large totes end to end catching drips, plus 4 pots, and another tote in the bedroom. I was afraid it would continue straight across the two rooms, so I took everything out of the closet just in case.

Amanda spent the next 2-3 hours chipping ice off the roof - in one section alone, she told me it was nearly a foot deep. The temperature dropped dramatically that nite, and the drips finally stopped. She says it is the first time since they lived in this house that there was enough snow to have to shovel the roof, but she's had to do it 2-3 times this year.

It's been fun hibernating here in the apartment. No responsibilities, except to work on my sewing list, while listening to Audio books. I can stay up way late, or sleep way late.

I think maybe I "killed" my cd player yesterday. I had picked up a Coke while running errands (Don't nag, I only do it once in awhile) I guess when I put it in the bag with purse, and other stuff I had to bring in, the top wasn't on securely. I pulled out some stuff and drops of Coke spewed everywhere. My first concern was the shopping bag (Why, I ask myself) It was only after cleaning that up I looked around and spotted big drops of Coke on my CD player - and watched as it blinked out.

If it definitely has died, I guess I'll put a kindle on the very bottom of my list. I never wanted one because I usually listen to books rather than read them, but I learned just the other day they play audio books as well.

I've been trying to buy my favorite book series (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) so I would have them to play whenever I wanted. I've been checking Amazon regularly for the 2nd book to no avail. Finally one came up - through something called "Audible", what ever that is. So I checked it out. Audible is an Amazon company. You join, pay a small monthly fee - depending on how many books a month you want to get - One book is, I think $7.99 a month) You can download the book of your choice to any number of different players, or to your computer (then you can copy onto CD) AND - drum roll, please! Any other books I want to purchase are 70% off! That makes the book I'm looking for about $7.99. The original price of her books on CD is about $180 - Amazon - I paid $36 for the one I purchased - but if I can get them for around $10, well, why not. And to those of you who might question purchasing the books - this series I listen to time and time again. The story is great, the reader is fantastic. The one book on CD I have - I've listened to twice since I got here at Thanksgiving! I have another of the series on cassette, but I left it in Montana, after listening to it twice on my trip. These are huge books - like 25-30 CD's each book - which is the kind I like.

I like this series so much, that when I discovered the first book at the library - 32 cassettes, I listened to it twice in a week - then took a week off to read the rest of her books. Whenever a new book in the series comes out, I go back and listen to the entire series all over again before doing the new book - There is a new one out, but I haven't listened to it yet - and one more yet to come to finish the series.

Somewhere in the information I was reading a statement was made that the average reader reads 5-6 books a year, the avid reader about 15-17 - I check out as many books as can fit in my tote (about 15-17) every two weeks. I guess I'm beyond avid.

I'm chattering again - I guess I've been "alone" long enough to build it up. The family is right over my head, but I don't see them everyday. In fact, being alone, so much, I find that being with groups of people is exhausting. My last experience was Kyler's birthday party - well, we went to a game place with lots of little kids having the time of their life - then to Pizza Hut. I guess that would exhaust anyone.

I managed to make enough quilts that I could save my favorite - it looks like a rose trellis. I'm going to turn it into a duvet cover for my down comforter. There are 4 more quilts on my "to do" list, but two of them can wait - One, I don't have all the fabric for it, the other, I haven't even begun to collect fabric - that doesnt count the other quilts I have to make - but they are far enough in the future that they are not on the list yet.

Well Goll-y - I've run out of words!!!

Until next time -

Bear Hugs

Luv n' Boots

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