Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, March 15, 2010

Texas Food Adventure


I arrived at Joy and Clyde’s in time for a good old fashion Texas meal of chili and rice.

I met Joy in the 60’s in Montana. We worked together at Continental Insurance Co. One memory that still tickles us both, is about the manager. He was not a tall man. We finally realized that he always talked to me while I was seated at my desk. He never came near me if I was standing up because I was considerably taller than he was!!!.

Joy was a real pistol. (Still is) Tiny, red hair, freckles, and full of energy, and southern Texas charm. We were referred to as “Mutt & Jeff” because of the extreme difference in our heights.

Joy recalls that I taught her how to knit. She says I was a bitch. Patient, but a bitch. She would work days knitting on her sweater, bring it in to show me, I’d spot a dropped stitch and rip it all out and make her do it over again. Well, what can I say. She DID learn to knit!!!!

The next day, we had a Tex-Mex lunch out, and dinner out at Joe’s Bar-B-Que
My first Texas Bar-B-Que since 1974. Beef –BQ, tender, delicious, pure Texan heaven. I ordered a sandwich – OMG – the sandwich roll was at least 6 inches across. I was stuffed!

The next day I joined Joy and her friends at Olive Garden for soup and Salad – Sausage/potato soup. For supper we had Frito Pie – Fritos, Chili, Cheese – m-m-m-m- Do you see where this is going?

Friday, we went to Galveston, and had shrimp and stuff at Shrimp N’ Stuff – Garlicky deep fried shrimp, tender young red skinned potatoes boiled in hot sauce, and a slice of Key Lime pie for dessert. For supper, it was a lite – stack of pancakes and syrup and bacon.

About midnite Friday nite, my stomach roared up and said ENOUGH!!! I got the message, and spent the next 36 hours in bed. End of my Texican food adventure!!!
Sunday, I finally dragged myself out of bed. In the afternoon, we joined friends of Joy and Clyde for a movie and dinner. While they had platters of lobster, shrimp, and oysters, I had soup.

Til the next time,
Bear Hugs,


  1. Oh Boots, In spite of the fact that it made you ill, I am jealous!!!! I want BBQ, garlic shrimp, I even want Frito Pie !!!! I havent had Frito Pie since we took kids on youth group retreats years ago!!!!!
    You are doing a great job of letting us know what adventures you are having, it sounds like even with small setback you are having the trip you were looking for.
    I think you were trying to reach me this weekend, it was crazy and I didnt have the phone with me. I was taking a workshop and left it home..by mistake. How do i call you? Is it a special phone number????? I can try and reach you when I'm not home...remember my cell has issues at my house!!
    Did you get chocolate...with chillies...where do you go next?
    What is the best way to communicate...blog or email???H

  2. Hi Friends and Family back home, did you know Boots has such a weak tummy? A little chili, a couple of jalapenos, and boom, she's down for the count. After she refused to look oysters and okra in their eyes, I took pity on her and fixed her a pudding. The green is slowly receding and she's nearly back to flesh color now. Hey we're having fun!