Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I’d been to Galveston once before in 1974. It was intriguing then, and still is. We mostly drove around, because Joy is still recovering from a broken leg. She has graduated from crutches to cane since I’ve been here, but it’s still slow going.

First we drove along the beach. That in itself is really nice – not only can you drive right along the water, but you can also park along the breakwater. Free parking at that!

Texas was spared the ravages of Katrina and Rita, but Ike made up for it in September, 2008. There is still evidence of the damages. And I saw a postcard of Bolivar which I mentioned in a previous post about the lack of houses along much of the road. Well, there were houses there, but Ike swallowed them. The Postcard showed buildings tumbled into the surf – even the pilings were gone.

Most evident in Galveston is the Flagship Hotel. It is an over the water hotel built on huge pilings. Ike removed some pilings, tore away part of a wall, you can see right into a couple of the rooms, and then demolished the bridge/driveway. It has not been repaired at all.

Twin souviener shops built over the water were also destroyed, but they have been re-built and have just re-opened for business.

I took a photo of the Galvez Hotel – the oldest in Galveston. We drove through the Silk Stocking District – where many large Queen Anne and Victorian homes are. They are beautiful.
We stopped at one of the mansions on Broadway where the visitors center is. They marked the high-water mark from Ike near the door – It looked like it would be just about thigh-high on me and that is in the middle of the island.

We drove around the old financial district and along the harbor where their tallship, Elissha is berthed. A carnival cruise ship was in port. I had no idea they were so huge!

Moody Gardens. How can I forget. Huge Luxury Hotel, Three Pyramids – One is an aquarium, one a science center, and one a rainforest. Because of the recent weather, the landscaping was not spectacular, but I am sure it will make a full recovery. We took the elevator to the top floor, the view was fantastic. Waterfalls in the lobby. Art tile and art glass everywhere!!!

Until next time,
Bear Hugs


  1. Good morning, sorry we were in the middle of playing Mjong when yu called. I do want to chat, we need to co-ordinate....
    I have never heard of the Moody Gardens ...wonder if I can gogle it???
    From the pics it looks like you are having nice weather, I hope it continues so yu can continue to take such great pics.
    Have yu adjusted to Texas eatting yet??? the thought of fresh tamalles and bbq makes me hungry ...what else is "texas food"?
    We are going off today to do Betsy's birthday...she picked Lynhaven Fish huse...none of us have been there for years....I refuse to eat green fish, even if it is St. Patricks Day....Go have a Green Beer for me!!!!
    Love Holly

  2. Yes, Ike did major damage all over Galveston. Even here, 30 miles inland, Ike destroyed our roof, patio, fences, some trees, and blew out a window. All our personal damage has been repaired but not all have been so lucky.

    Coupled with the rare 3 or 4 freezes we had this winter, our area currently looks pretty beat up. But Boots brought Spring with her--everything has begun to "green up" while she has been here. It will soon be lush and pretty again. The wild flowers with our famous Texas Bluebonnets are just a couple of weeks away. I think she should stay a little longer to see us at our best! Come on Boots, change your schedule.