Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, November 10, 2014


I awoke yesterday morning to a winter storm warning - it was in the 40's, but the storm was on the way.   The forecast called for rain starting by shortly after noon, and the snow to hit at about 7 p.m. -  The rain appeared on time, but the snow was a couple hours early.

I immediately hopped out of bed and hauled the rest of the re-split wood to the ricks on the porch, filled the wood boxes in the house and put all the kindling I could find into a large plastic tote and dragged it up close to the house - right next to the back (front) door.   Then I checked the porch - where I have all the stuff stored that is going into Miss Daisy when she returns from the shop along with my baking and candy making stuff and tried to bring it as close to the house as possible.   I coiled up the hose and put it in the shed and moved the truck into a parking space and plugged it into an extension cord.   At least I wouldn't have to do it in the rain!

The weatherman was right on the button -  It snowed 3-4 inches overnight - and has been snowing off and on all day - wind driven snow.   I am so glad I am retired!!!  I don't have to go anywhere in this mess - that is if I can get out the driveway at all.   Diane's little Honda is 4 wheel - but even it gets stuck in this driveway.

I got up in the pre-dawn this morning - looking out over the valley was beautiful - still dark, and still with virgin snow covering all and the lights of tiny Belt twinkling in the distance.  

I had to venture out to re-fill the wood box - and checked the other porch also - everything is covered with about 2 inches of snow -  the wind blew it right up to the walls - I hope everything out there is more or less weatherproof!

Travel plans A, B and C are now hanging in the wind.   The forecast calls for this to hang around for a week or so with another Artic blast due the end of next week - long range calls for mainly temps in the 30' right through Thanksgiving.

Well, at least we have plenty of coffee, cocoa and tea - the grocery level is  lower than normal  because we are "eating everything down" preparing to travel, but we have plenty  (and if all else fails, we have the Thanksgiving turkey in the freezer!)  We are however, out of Coca-Cola - but that is by plan - we are trying to quit drinking it - we do have a good stock of Crystal Lite on hand.

Until next time,

Boots and Tucker
"She believed she could, so she did!"

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