Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I actually started this post several days ago as a draft with the intention of finishing it later - but now, I can't find the draft copy.  Used to be it took just a click to pull up old posts - in the event I wanted to add photos but I can't figure that out now.  Sometimes change is just not helpful!

It's Thanksgiving Day - we are having dinner with friends in town.  We had our big dinner last Saturday - as a precaution against the expected weather problems for this week.  What curious weather.   Tuesday and Wednesday it snowed all day - several inches of snow - can't tell exactly because the temperature hovered at about 31 degrees - so as nearly as fast as it fell, it sort of melted.  It's dark out - so I can't see how much snow is left on the ground.   The high today should be about 50 degrees - same tomorrow, but Saturday, the bottom will drop out - high is expected to be around 2 degrees.   Then start popping back up on Sunday and back into the 30's all next week.

I'm counting on the warm weather - because with this much snow - I can't get the truck out of the yard - and Daisy is still in the shop - but hopefully all will work out so we can get on the road by mid week.  This trip will start out so disorganized!!!  We're going to have to make a trip into town, to the repair shop to load the dining benches into Daisy - then back home to load everything we're taking with us into the truck - then back to town to hitch up and take off.  At some point along the journey - we'll have to take a day or so to load everything from the truck into Daisy.

I've finished packing up boxes to mail for Christmas - early start this year.   Well, most boxes, anyway.  I had planned to mail on Friday but have decided to wait until Monday - that will give me 2 full days - Friday and Saturday - not leaving the house - to get as much work done around here as I can.

Sewing projects - nearly done - have 2-3 little things to finish up - and guess what - my unfinished project pile is down to nothing!   Everything I wanted to finish before leaving will be finished.  When we return in the spring, I'll only have Brooke's new quilt to work on - that is if we have collected enough fabric for it by then.

My new passion is items made by recycling jeans.   Thanks to Pinterest I have unlimited ideas - so if you have any old jeans donate to the cause - hang on to them, cause eventually, I'll drive by to see you and pick them up.

It's getting lighter out - still snow on the ground - but the grass is showing through it - by the time we get home from town it should be all gone.

Tucker is curled up on my lap - he's shivering even though he is wearing a sweater - Silly fur ball!
We won't be starting a fire before we go this morning - and Tucker is invited to dinner along with us - so he'll just have to shiver for the time being.  (He can always crawl back in the bed if he wants to)
The house is warm enough without a fire -  it has heated floors - once the first cold snap of winter goes through here, we don't bother with a fire unless it's below freezing - or extremely windy)

I have "Daisy" stuff scattered and piled all over the house - I can't find a thing - will start getting everything into one room at least so I can figure out exactly what goes with us and what stays.

I had planned on moving all my sewing down to the storage unit before I left - but I guess that won't happen - most of it has already been taken down there - last of it will go down Monday.  I'm going to store the chocolate in a metal cooler and  hope the mice can't get to it.  Well, after all we do live in the country in Montana - mice are a fact of nature, especially in the winter.

I've received the last DVD from Netflix for this year - I've cancelled the membership for the time we are travelling.  We'll be watching the 2nd film of the Hobbit trilogy - probably this afternoon.

I need to make a list so I won't forget to put the bike in the storage shed, or to make sure I take Daisy's registration with us - I know I won't forget to pack the TV - Diane wouldn't leave without it. Also can't forget all the VHS movies I've been hiding from her - otherwise she would have watched them already - and if the campground doesn't allow streaming - the VHS is all she will have to watch for the whole winter.

Monday is being set aside so Diane can take care of some things she needs to do - stop at the bank and set up on line bill payments, copy her spreadsheet over to my lap-top so she'll be able to file her taxes from that information at end of year, etc.

Clothes are a big problem.  Have I packed too many or not enough?  And I have to pack for 2 seasons as it will be nearly summer when we get back - and we'll end up our trip in south Texas before heading home.   At least I have the Kindle and won't have to pack a mountain of books.  And, what all do I need to take for Tucker - can't forget his records - never know when I might need them.  And some of his toys, and his bed - well, I know I won't forget that - I've added straps to it so it can be secured to the center console so he can safely ride up front between us.  

Until next time.......

Love, Boots and Tucker

"She believed she could,..... and so she did!"

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  1. Great reading! Please keep me posted on
    how you find camping...maybe you can make it so tempting......
    Great about the stash of movies...maybe you can organize a swap at different campgrounds. Will you hav a mailing address or just blog and email?
    Stay safe, travel well my good wishes and love go with
    you. Holly