Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Monday morning was a time of departure.  Kit and Kathy drove Christine to the airport, and I buttoned up the truck and took my leave of Ken – he kindly checked all the fluids and stuff for me.

As I was leaving, it was just starting to spit rain.   I continued to drive through scattered showers, until I reached Tucson, - then it began in earnest – a real downpour.  When I got east of Tucson, I was feeling sleepy, and I was also running about 30 minutes early for getting to Benson, AZ – so I pulled off the road and took a little nap.  When I opened my eyes, it was still raining – then I heard a “Splat” – looking closely at the windshield, I saw SNOW!!!!  No, can’t be.  This is Arizona!   By the time I let Tucker out to do his business, and got the truck turned around, it was snowing in earnest – I had only about 25 miles to go and it was like driving through a winter wonderland.

 It continued snowing for a few hours – a couple inches at least – but I was able to watch it from within my friend’s home in Benson. 


The next day, Honey Lou and I drove to Tombstone – I’d been wanting to go back since I was there two years ago to get a T-shirt – I know sounds ridiculous, but it’s hard to find T-shirts not made in China and thin enough to see through.   They were there – Right where I remembered seeing them last time.   They were so neat, I got two of them!


We wandered around Tombstone for a bit – spotted this mobile snowman along the way. 

Some of the Sites

Some Of the local characters:


Kit – this photo is for you – this family is from the Snowy Mountains in Australia and they are all saying hello to you!

 That evening, we attended a pancake supper at the church – it was quite good.   Honey Lou and I had talked about making bread – I had given her a bread cook-book two years ago and she hadn’t tried it out, so before leaving for the supper, I mixed up a loaf and left it to rise on the counter.  The next morning we finished baking it – not very successfully – high altitude, unknown stove, but Honey Lou says now that she sees how easy it is, she’ll practice, practice, practice.    My friend Jackie who makes the best bread in the world posts photos of it on FB – I promised to share the photos so Honey could see all the possibilities.

Once the bread was out of the oven, Tucker and I hopped in the truck and took off for New Mexico.
Until next time,

Bear Hugs
Luv ‘n Boots and Tucker
And the Bear, too

She Believed she could do it so she did!






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  1. So you find Aussies everywhere don't you? You can't get away from us! LOL