Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Chat

Tucker and I went for a walk today -   There is a long, long hill down to the little town of Belt.   Tucker did very well.   As a matter of fact, for awhile there, I thought he was going to out-walk me, but when I turned to head back – about half way to town, he decided to “ride” for awhile.  

We spent the day looking at old family photos.  I had a couple in the box of Farup family (my Dad’s) that I couldn’t identify -  I found a large print of one in Diane’s box, so it belong’s with my Mother’s family photos.   I have just one unidentified photo left in that box - but I’ll keep asking.    I’m going to spend the summer scanning in all the old photos I can find of my Mom’s side of the family, and gather them into some kind of book along with stories and memories that we can remember.   My cousin, Sharon has all the statistics and some photos on Ancestry.com, but I want it to be more easily accessible)

Cousin Diane and I are making notes of little things that happened when we were little, and stories we heard of our grandparents.

 I’m drinking Coca-Cola again.   After weeks and months of doing my best to avoid it at Brooke’s, I arrive here, and Diane keeps a case of it in her refrigerator at all times.   Oh, ye of weak spirit.

 Diane is busy weeding her flower garden -  Once my computer is up-graded, I’ll do an entire post of her wonderful, unique home!  

 I’ve been going out a little with Tucker off-leash,- it just happened to be when the weather was not the greatest and it worked well so-far.  Perhaps I should capitalize “So-far”.   He just indicated that he needed to go out – a First!!!  So, I let him out, and he took care of business, then headed toward the cars, which he usually does – then like a flash he took off up the driveway – at the top of which is a country road, and beyond that a ways, the interstate.   I started running and calling him -  Did I tell you it rained yesterday?   Well, I slipped in the mud and went down hard.   Mud all over – perhaps I have a secret desire to be a lady mud wrestler – I looked like I was auditioning for it.   The best part – as soon as I landed, Tucker was there to make sure I was OK.   Back to being on the lease for awhile yet!!!!

 About the rain yesterday -  Since I arrived, (After that first stormy night) the weather has been beautiful.  Warm, sunny – with of course the wind blowing at varying strengths.  (Whenever I return to Montana, I remember how much I hated that constantly blowing wind)  Yesterday – well, yesterday, we awoke to pouring rain, howling wind and a high temperature that did not reach 50.  It was so cold we fired up the wood stove.   Diane’s house has cement floors – in the winter it’s great – the floors are heated, but on cold spring days – not so much.   It was not cold enough to put on socks, though.    Tucker was cold and shivering – before the day was over he had his harness on – it covers much of his chest, a sweatshirt, and finally his sweater that reaches to his tail.  The last time I put the sweater on him, he wriggled out of it in minutes – not yesterday!

 The weather for the next week is due to be beautiful – Sunny and breezy – high’s in the 70’s – that’s a jab for those of you in the east sweltering in the 90’s and high humidity.

A couple days ago, Diane mentioned that if I decided to drive to Alaska, she would go with me.   Is that a challenge, or what.   Hmmmmm  what a neat idea, I’d never considered it before.  I got on Google maps, and learned that the distance from Great Falls MT to Anchorage, AK is the same as from Nanjemoy, MD to Great Falls, MT.   I also learned the Al-Can Hwy is totally paved and well maintained with plenty of services along the way.   The last time I even thought of the Al-Can – it was still a gravel road.    My cousin is in AK now – and I think he said he drove there – so I’ll pick his brain when he returns.   You never know where Granny will escape to next!!!!!!

 Carol  – you do not need to read this paragraph.      Eyes closed?   Ok, for everyone else – I made caramel rolls for breakfast this morning -  a recipe my cousin Marge gave me while in ND.  Man – it couldn’t be easier or more delicious!!!!!    What fun!!!!

OK Carol – you can look now.    (Carol helped me lose 20# on my last trip and she hates to see me back slide)

Tucker attended church with me again yesterday, and behaved very well.  He looked at me during the hymns, but didn’t try to join in, which is too bad, cause he has a very sweet singing voice.   

He gets along great with Diane – she was sitting in her big chair, reading, and he asked to be picked up, and when she did, he curled up just under her chin and took a nap.   I need to keep my camera more handy for moments like that.

Yesterday morning while eating breakfast, a doe and tiny fawn came up to the edge of the lawn.  The baby couldn’t have been more than a few days old.   What a sight to behold. 

 The other night, we had beef ribs for dinner.   I gave my bone to Tucker – it was good sized, but not too much for him to handle.   He chewed on it a bit, then tried to find a place to bury it.   He hid it in the bedroom – and when I went to bed, I had to keep shooing him and his bone off the bed.

  A little bit ago, Tucker trotted into the kitchen and started barking – he was focused on something, so I didn’t try to quiet him.   I thought it might be a mouse – not uncommon out here – but really now is not the season for them to try to get inside.  I carefully walked around the island to find that he was ready to attack Diane’s tennis shoes!!!!!

 If I write too much about Tucker, it’s because I am enchanted by him and his antics.   Because he is so small, I have learned to check to see where he is before I turn over in bed.  The other night, I guess because I wasn’t turning over, I just reached down to pull a blanket up, without checking - ……. And……… flipped Tucker, who was lying on top said blanket, right out of the bed.   As soon as I made sure he wasn’t hurt, I started giggling, and guffawing (I like that word, don’t you – so descriptive)   He looked at me like “What did I do?”, then “Mom, you’re crazy”

Last night for dinner, we had roast beef, and mashed potatoes.   My favorite meal – and that’s the 4th time I’ve had it since I left on this trip.    Today for lunch – it’s hot beef sandwiches – hmmm – what time is it anyway – is it lunch time yet?  

 OK I’ll diet tomorrow.  Well, I don’t really need to lose weight, do I?  I just have to get in good enough condition to make the hike into Pretty Prairie in August.

Next Friday, we're driving to Bozeman for a week or so -  I have several cousins in that area to catch up with - and wouldn't you know it - it is the weekend friends from other parts of the country are going to be in Great Falls!  One is my friend, Joy, from Texas, and the other my niece - or is it my ex niece.   I don't know - do you lose the right to  use those titles through divorce?   Her mother will also be there, and I haven't seen her in somewhere near to 50 years.  I'm sorry I won't see them - but I plan to see Joy next spring in Texas, and the "niece" on my trip down the west coast this fall.

 Until next time
Bear Hugs

Luv ‘n Boots and Tucker too
And don’t forget the Wee Beastie

 She believed she could do it, and so she did!

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