Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Out and About in Maricopa County (Land of the Pink Tents)


1. Niece Michelle
2. Niece Christine
3. Kathy (Kit's Mom) serving wine at Easter Dinner

Maricopa County is where the Sheriff decided not to baby jail inmates. They live in tents, (year ‘round ) have pink and grey prison jumpsuits, have to wear pink socks and underwear, and the only TV they can watch is the weather channel or the Disney channel. HooRah for the Sheriff.

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer – but yesterday, a weather front arrived from California – lowering the temperature, creating a couple of very pleasant days. Although, I’ve been spending comfortable hours in the screen room – when the temp hits 90, I usually call it quits until later in the afternoon.

The last week has been unbelievably busy. None of which activities had anything to do with travelling or seeing new things.

I did visit my cousin Sharon and her husband, Tim, yesterday. And, yes, Judy, I agree – he is a “Teddy Bear”. I actually can’t remember the last time I saw Sharon – many years ago. We did have lots to talk about – parents, grandparents, cousins, places. I’ll see her again before I go – and again at the family reunion in August, and perhaps at their summer home in Pocatello, ID.
Sharon keeps up with my blog and says I should write a book.

Memo to Boots! Write a best selling book!!!!

Oh, I can’t forget!!! My nephew, Freehand Robert, a well known and widely acclaimed tattoo and piercing artist, (and mentor to my grandson Jesse) set a Guinness record last week - 1501 piercings in 4 hours, 27 minutes – all on one man (what was that guy thinking?) It was all done at “Pain for Sale” in Gillette, Wyoming. If you want to know more, follow this link!!!

Kit’s surgery is set for May 3. We won’t know if she will have to have Chemo until after the surgery, but be warned – if she has to shave her head – I will too! So, all fingers are crossed for no Chemo – cause I’m frightened to see myself with a bald head.

Next week, I think I’ll go visit my friend in Benson, AZ for a couple days. I still have to go to the Superstition Mountains – I promised Violet I would. Kit mentioned several other day trips to me this morning – but I have to save some for the next trip out here – next year. (I promised my nieces I’d be here for the Chocolate Festival) (And there’s a quilt shop hop in and around Fredericksburg Texas in April)

I’ve already notified my daughters that when I get back to Virginia, I’m having a giant yard sale, and getting rid of virtually everything I own – except fabric and sewing machines, that is. (I still have those 60 quilts to finish) All the “family” stuff - photos, mementos – of parents and grandparents, as well as Mom’s handmade Christmas ornaments and decorations will be parceled out among friends and family. I’ll have a truckload of that stuff as I travel westward.

I think I’ll wait til I get back out here to get a travel trailer, so I’ll still be tenting it. I saw what I wanted in the local Craig’s list, and the prices were in line – but not yet the time to buy. There are lots of them for good prices here and in Florida.

Gaow is quitting her job at a local Thai Restaurant – She works 5 – 12 hour + shifts a week – no overtime, and all tips are kept by the owners. She is so exhausted, her health is in jeopardy. I’m trying to talk her into leaving here when I do and riding with me to Chico, CA to visit our other Sister-in-Law. She needs a little vacation. She wants to return to Thailand for a month or two this summer – and I’ve told her she could fly out of San Francisco. So, Carol – be forewarned, there might just be two of us landing on your door step.

I have a bag full of books on CD – and Jackie gave me a portable CD player when I left VA – but – I want to listen to the books while I drive, and I won’t drive with ear-buds. I considered getting speakers for the portable player (and still might), but I found this player “eats” batteries. My cassette player can play for weeks on battery – but they are bigger batteries.

So,….. I found a CD/Cassette/AM/FM radio that I thought might work out. Well – it’s going back. The CD goes on the top, the Cassette on the front. The buttons for the CD are on the front, and the buttons for the Cassette are on the top????!!!! Makes no sense to me. In addition there is no way to turn the power off when using batteries. Is that dumb or what?

I’m going to go with speakers for the little one and call it good! I still have one book on cassettes to listen to – The Lord of the Rings. The rest of my books are on CD

The Saga of the Green Napkin!
Several years ago Kit and Ken visited Virginia Beach. Mom and I took them to the Trellis restaurant in Williamsburg (for those not familiar – it was owned by Marcel Desauliers, the creator of “Death by Chocolate”- no slouch place) At some point, Kit and I retired to the ladies room (why do women always travel in pairs?) I was wearing a white pants suit – polyester, I’m sure. We walked all the way across the restaurant, nodding politely to all the smiling patrons. Approaching the ladies room, there was a large, full-sized mirror ---- and sticking statically to my white polyester pants suit was a large green napkin. Over the years I have been teased mightily by Ken about that napkin!

And, the Rest of the Story!!!
Last night, Kit, Ken and I went out to dinner. As I was getting up to leave, a large green napkin fell off my lap. Kit made a point of it, and started to laugh. Then, Kit got up, sure enough, a large green napkin fell off her lap!!!! Ken said, “I can’t take you gals anywhere!” , and headed for the door. About half way there – a LARGE GREEN NAPKIN, fluttered to the floor, landing at his feet. He kept walking – oblivious to the event. By then Kit and I were laughing so hard, we couldn’t speak. We tried to explain to the hostess, but I doubt she understood a word we were saying. Now, if you don’t see the humor in this – well, it’s just one of those “You hada been there moments”.

Kit has a new purse. So, naturally we were comparing conveniences. Mine is olive drab, has all the necessary pockets for cell phone, recorder, business cards, (JoAnn Coupons) etc. on the outside, and several on the inside for all my other plunder. Ken says in it’s former life, my bag held a gas mask that was distributed in 1953 during the Korean War. Yuk, Yuk. I am not amused.

Well folks, I am within 1.2 pounds of breaking another 10# mark. So what does Ken do? He brings home a couple dozen of my second favorite donut. (White cake donuts drenched in chocolate frosting) So – I’ll hit the mark next week instead of this week!

Until next time,
Bear Hugs

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  1. Boy are you hard to keep up with! I get exhausted just hearing your ittinery! Well, maybe its the donuts that keep you going!
    All is quiet here, I'm rowing, rowing, rowing..a bit of weaving and reading. I see Jackie once a week and Betsy at Majhong...It's getting to be garden time...lots of outside work to be done!
    Saw a special about a museum opening in Phoenix this mont...Museum of Music,,,,,, It looked like it would be a wonderfull place to see.
    I hope Kits surgery goes will, sill keep sending good thoughts...Boots Bald.....I think I have heard a song about people shaving their heads...but I think it was on a old cassette...Hummmn.....H