Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heading To Virginia

The last two weeks have been very, very lazy on my part. The first week, I read the entire 7 volumes of Harry Potter, plus a couple other books, when I caught up with Angie who was reading them ahead of me. Last week, I had a cold, so didn't do much.

I did however, get my tent, and some other small items for camping. - at 40% off at the Coleman's outlet - couldn't let that slip by. I put the tent up in the living room - it's quite roomy - a 3 person tent. And, I managed quite handily to roll it up and get it back in the carrying case. I consider that quite an accomplishment.

From the looks of the weather in the south this winter, I won't be camping until I head to the Northwest in the spring.

I also got some sewing done the last couple weeks. Will finish up what needs to be done tomorrow and Tuesday.

Cause...... Thursday, I'm heading for Virginia Beach! I leave there on February 3 for Florida - to meet up with Myra and JT for a quick trip to the keys.

They are going to miss me so much here, that they are getting 2 new puppies to fill the void! They are cute little fuzzballs - husky/collie type. Won't be ready to leave their mom until sometime in February. Mocha's not quite sure what to think of them, but Soni is ready for them to come home and play with him.

Brayden had his 5th birthday. He got a remote controlled Tarantuala - the thing is about the size of a dinner plate, and moves very realistically. It drove the dogs batty!

There is so much I would have liked to see and do in this area - I'm putting it off til next fall when the weather will be a little more friendly. I can't complain about this winter, I haven't been housebound at all. (both their cars are 4-wheel drive) It's in the 30's today and for the rest of the week - will make for a nice drive south.

I'm making fudge today - trying to use up left over ingredients - the cherry fudge will go to Raven, the coconut will go south with me, unless Amanda gets it first!

I also now know how to make maple sugar candy! Yummy. Is it any wonder I look like a Tele-tubby?

Well, it's finally about time to step off for the great adventure. It will be good to get underway!

Bear Hugs

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  1. Hey Girl, Betsys computer is down and they have put her mom into hospice....I think it may get rough for her. No one seems real sure of what you are doing...are you heading here or to Richmond....Call Betsy, or I think she may be trying to call you today....H