Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, May 21, 2017


It’s that time of year again.  I have arrived at Summer Camp.  

I had talked earlier with my supervisor, Traci about teaching me how to back the trailer while I was here this summer - she started upon my arrival.  I successfully backed it in (how could I help it, I had two people telling me what to do and when to do it).   And from there, everything went downhill.

First thing, the campground’s water needs to be re-certified; it didn’t pass regular testing for potability.

I hooked it up anyway, because I could use it for washing up and flushing, and showers.  EXCEPT,   my hot water tank appears to have not survived the winter.   When I hooked up my water, the water flowed right out the side of the trailer, through the Hot water system.

OK.  So, no showers.  Well, I can make do with sponge baths and hopefully make arrangements with the campground down the road to use their showers this summer.

OK - for washing up, I’ll have to bring in jugs of water to heat and use.  That’s doable.

Flushing - also jugs, except that the flap at the bottom of the toilet bowl was stuck shut.  I remember my friend Myra telling me about fixing a toilet problem by pouring pots of boiling water into the toilet.  Worth a try, and it worked.  OK - one problem fixed.

That takes care of the water situation - then there is the refrigerator.  No dice.  Can’t get it to work.   I decided to switch it to propane - I read and re-read the manual.  Can’t make sense of it, and for safety, I’ll wait til Monday, and hopefully someone from the FS will be by that knows about such things.  I went to the convenience store and bought a block of ice to put in it and it’s working adequately, but, of course, no ice.

That about covers it all.   I made the mistake of thinking, “ what next””  Shouldn’t have done that.  The “next” turned out to be mice.  I have to stay at the campground until my day off - Wednesday, this week.  Then I’m headed for Kalispell.  I’ll get some steel wool and expanding foam to plug up any access by mice.  I’ll have to wriggle under the trailer to use the foam, but, oh, well, it has to be done.  And once it's done, and I've trapped any mice left inside, I won't have a problem with them for the rest of the summer

This IS an adventure, isn’t it?

My “Home Chef” meal delivery has begun, and at least I’ll be eating much healthier this year.  Going to try my best to leave sugary snacks in the store.

I need to search for my step counter today.  I’d like to know how many steps I’m covering during my rounds.

Speaking of rounds, I’ve had my morning cup of tea, and finished my “housewifely” duties and it’s time to put Tucker on a leash and go look for trash to pick up.  The Forest Service cleaned up all the campsites before I got here which is a big help, so there is not much trash to find.

It’s very quiet here at this time of the season.  Not many campers.  The weekend was destination to quite a number of boaters - well, actually fishermen - a bit chilly for recreational boaters.

Until next time,

Boots & Tucker
“She believed she could do it, so she did”

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