Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Long, lazy days of Winter (and spring, too)

January through May 8, 2016

This is another post of meandering thoughts -

The first good news item:   My new(er) trailer has a name:   Sam Joe Bean.
If you’ve never heard of him, well, that doesn’t surprise me.   Sam Joe Bean was my brother’s alter-ego.  He wrote stories and poems about Sam.   He even wrote an eulogy for Sam, which became my brother’s eulogy.  Sam had lots of adventures; perhaps, later on, I can share a couple on this blog for your entertainment.

Second good news item:   I just received an e-mail from the Forest Service asking if I am still interested in camp hosting.  You betcha I am.   They have some openings near Eureka, MT -  which is a hop and a skip from the Canadian border.   Now, I’ll be on pins and needles waiting for my next communication.

I’ve been working the past few months on a western theme quilt for Brooke.   I decided to make it a quilt as you go project.  Mistake.  Big mistake.   I don’t know what started the fiasco, probably I didn’t measure carefully enough, but the thing is really wacky.   I tried correcting it before putting the rows together, but I guess once again, I didn’t measure properly.   I was in a rush, trying to finish by Christmas - no such luck.

In any event, I spent this whole week putting the rows together - took 4 days.   Each row, pinned, stitched, pinned,  stitched together,  pressed, top stitched, then top stitched on the other side.  Took over an hour for each row.  And today?  Well, today I am unstitching it all.   What a travesty.  It’s an oversized queen sized quilt - and hard to maneuver on the sewing machine - even as a quilt as you go.

January is gone - can spring be far away?

Have confirmation from the Forest Service - I will be hosting a campground near Eureka, Montana.  North Dickey Lake - 26 sites from Mid May to Mid September.  I am so excited.

May 8, 2016

Obviously, the above was written sometime in February, 2016.   A bit of time has passed since then.

Let’s see…..   I decided I’d move up to Brooke’s about the end of February for the remainder of the winter.   About the middle of February, I was invited by a friend to help with costuming for a production put on by the UGF Music Department.   I have to tell you, I had more fun in those couple of months than I could have imagined - then dress rehersals began, followed quickly by Opening night…. Still more fun - even Mother Nature got in the act by reminding us it was still officially winter by dropping 6 inches of wet sticky white stuff on us - causing me to be snow bound in Great Falls, since I had spent the night there instead of driving home so late.   I had my jacket with me, but was wearing flip-flops, so I had to go buy a pair of shoes.

Finally, Sam was ready to go, and on the third pick-up load to Thompson Falls, Sam went along, too.  Everything appears to work - keep your fingers crossed for me.

The first day at Brooke’s, she got me up on a horse - amazing  - it’s been how many years?????   Far too many - and if there had been a photographer nearby, you’all would have been giggling for a week watching me get in the saddle.  

Sadly, my cousin, Diane, passed away that night.  I know that she is finally at peace and will be missed by many.

It is definitely Spring Time in the Rockies - beautiful weather, colorful skies, birds singing - wonderful day for Mother’s Day.   Brooke surprised me with crepes for breakfast - delicious.

I’ll be leaving here on Monday, May 16 - headed for Eureka to start my summer duties at North Dickey Lake.

I’ve promised more than one person that I will once again start posting on a regular basis.   All depends on the availability of the internet - hope it won’t be like it was in Deming last year.

Until next time,

Boots & Tucker

She believed she could do it, so she did.

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