Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Monday, December 22, 2014


Getting settled is more unsettling than I thought it would be.   Because we did not have the opportunity to load Miss Daisy ahead of time, we brought more  than we needed, and now have to sort it out and re-pack some into the truck - so I am constantly moving stuff in or out - trying to fit it in.

Internet access is extremely poor - the only time I can count on connecting is in the middle of the night, and last night I couldn’t even count on that.   So, I am typing posts in a word document - waiting for a connection - hoping it will last long enough to complete the post.

I mentioned to a friend that it was cold here last night and she was surprised, thinking we were warm and snug in the south.  We are south - only 30 miles from the border, however we are at nearly 4500 ft elevation and in the middle of the desert with extremely low humidity - which makes for pleasant days and chilly, and sometimes downright cold nights.

Phoenix, on the other hand, is at about 1000 ft elevation and enjoying warm, sunny days and comfortable nights, except when California sends over its storms.

On Tuesday, we joined the campground group for a trip to Paloma, Mexico for lunch.   The food was delicious, the service excellent , and the atmosphere of the Pink Store fascinating.   I did about 5 minutes checking out the pottery and other native wares - gathering ideas for future visits.

I learned that the boot store down the block does custom made boots for around $80.  Can you guess there is a pair of red boots in my future?   I've wanted boots all my life - but have not been able to find a pair to fit, and since I've been waiting all this time, I plan to be frivolous!!!!  Red, high top boots (not cowboy - this time) I am treating myself, big-time.

Every afternoon at 4 p.m. we gather in the bunkhouse for Happy Hour - actually for announcements as to what is happening in the campground as well as in the area around Deming.   Yesterday, during Happy Hour, a birthday cake and ice cream was served to celebrate all the December birthdays - there were 5 of us being so honored..

Among the honorees was a fellow from ......  drum roll, please..... you guessed it - Great Falls, Montana!!! - We now call each other "Montana"

The campground has a Bark Park for Tucker and his tribe.  When I was last here, two years ago, I could not turn Tucker loose in the park because there were a number of holes in the fence.  However, considerable effort has been made to bring the fence up to par for little fur balls, and I can now turn him loose to play there.

There are plenty of dogs in the park, large and small - so he has the potential of making many, many friends.

I still have not turned on the propane , we are heating with an electric heater,  and I wont risk another flood so we are not connected to the water - I just step outside with a jug and heat water in my hot-pot when its needed.    Cooking takes creativity.   We finally had our first hot meal - thank goodness for the crock pot .  I do have my camp stove with us - but no fuel right now - have to make a trip to Wally World.

We have signed up for the two big  pot luck dinners  next week -  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  On Christmas Eve, well take appetizers and on Christmas Day -  Diane wants to make cranberry-orange relish - but we don’t have a food processor so that is out.   We do have a huge sweet potato and if I can managed to cut it down to size without a chain saw, Ill make sweet potato/apple casserole. - if I can figure out how to cook the sweet potato - I think Ill start a day ahead and cook it in the crock pot.

Its been overcast all but one day - while remnants of the California wet weather streams overhead, so we haven't been overly active - I do have to go to town today, though -  its time to get a microwave - even if its not a red one, and a 9 volt battery for the smoke detector. And a few other small essentials - like a short extension cord so I can re-charge my kindle while I sleep.  (In the end, I decided we could live without a microwave)

We are still discovering what is available in the town - From the ads I've read, there are quite a few art galleries, and other places of interest.   For practical purposes, there is a KFC - which is significant to me - both KFCs in Great Falls closed down as well as those in Helena, once in a while I really enjoy some KFC chicken.   There is a Dollar Tree, as well as a Dollar General - for saving money, and there are auto parts stores, and RV services and a quilt store - which I have not found yet, and a Wendy's for frostys and chili
I don’t think well go wanting or hungry for that matter.

When I wake up in the mornings, I can look out the window and see the most amazing sunrises over the Florida Mountains.   Cloud formations are awesome - saw one yesterday that looked like a watercolor.
I need to find my camera accessories  and  do some charging - and take some photos to share with you.

Until Next Time,
Bear Hugs
Boots & Tucker
& Diane, too

"She believed she could, so she did!"


  1. Sounds fun! Merry Christmas..........

  2. Merry Xmas, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year....boy you get it all right at one time....
    Hope this finds you settling in and working out the kinks. This is your shake-down voyage...lots of little and not so little things to work out, but I know you can do it.
    Live the dream!