Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It looks as if spring has sprung, after a very, very mild winter. I think I only wore socks on 3 days during the whole winter. (My feet rarely feel cold) I wear garden clogs with no socks - Tacky, I know - but comfortable - I've about wore them out. The clogs I mean, not the feet

It's time, finally to be able to make some travel plans. I'm planning on leaving here the end of May - headed for Montana - with stops either in North Dakota or Colorado along the way - figger that one out if you can. So, I'll be in Montana
the month of June, - then over to Washington to farm sit for July, then back to Montana for August.

Somewhere around the first of October, I'll head once again to the west coast, and meander down - working my way to Phoenix.

Friends Myra and JT are planning on travelling the NW this summer - hope I can connect with them somewhere along the way!

I've moved into a higher gear here - getting ready - still sorting through stuff - today, I'll sort my sewing between apparel, quilting and crafts and see what I can live without. I've already packed all the stuff to be sold, and I have 18 boxes (ranging in size from rubbermaid totes to individual photo albums in zip lock bags) already stowed under the stairs with plenty of room for what remains. I have a few sewing projects to do before I go - I don't see any problem completing everything with plenty of time left over.

Of course, I tried a project the other day, and my old dependable sewing machine said "enough" and quit - I loaned one machine to a friend in Virginia Beach, and have been trying to track her down for months - She doesn't return my calls - do you think I have a prayer of getting it back? I'll never do that again!

I'm headed to Richmond this weekend to spend a couple days with my oldest, and toward the end of April, I'll make one last trip down to Virginia Beach.

In April, I'll put my tent up and re-seal the seams - take down the topper from "Luv" and do the same. Anyway, that'll give me a real good indication if I'm
still capable of putting up the tent - after all - 2 years can make a difference at this age! More important - can I still get in and out of it? I've been looking at a 2 room instant up tent - wondering if I could put it up alone. I'm leaning toward that option as I plan to spend much more time camping than on my last trip.

Well, back to the laundry and sorting my sewing stuff - I'll take my book on CD down to the basement to entertain me while I work. Helps pass the time - and for those who know me well, yes it's still the same book series - I think I'm listening to it for the 3rd time since last summer - It's very complex so can keep my attention even during multiple "readings" - At this point there are about 250 CD's for the series. There are 2 more books due for the series - so I'll end up with over 300 CD to listen to for the same story line. Obviously, in my humble opinion, it is very, very well written.

Until next Time
Bear Hugs

Luv 'N Boots

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