Our Lady of the Blue Highways

Our Lady of the Blue Highways
Portrait in oils by Jackie Poutasse

Friday, July 30, 2010


By the time we left the house headed for Seattle, the sun was shining and the skies were a beautiful clear blue.

We took a bypass road for a bit before getting on to Hwy 5 - through farm land, tulip and daffodill farms, old buildings and new. I really enjoy the old roads.

Arriving in Seattle, we drove down to the harbor and proceeded to hunt for a parking space. Once we found it – we could only stay for 2 hours

Ivar’s marketing duo

By the time we got parked, I was starving – I’d had no breakfast. We crossed the street, and there was Ivar’s Restaurant! I remember Ivar’s. About 50 or so years ago, I had lunch there – a Crab Louie salad. We settled for fish and chips. They now have a walk up window for take-away food. We had to stand in 2 different lines – one to order the fried food, then another to order drinks, or soup, and to pay the cashier. The lines were quite long. But eventually, we got our food and looked for a table outside.

As you can see from this sign, this is the Seagull’s favorite restaurant too! I ate my fish, but fed the fries to the birds. They seem to know they are not allowed on the land side of the fence – if a fry fell inside the fence, they didn’t even bother about it. The song of the Seaguls was raucus!!! Loud screaming and squawking.

This old guy would only reach so far for food. I had to aim well!

Right beside us was a fire station, complete with fire boat. Behind that a ferry terminal. I saw a sign saying they offered free internet on the ferries!!!

We left Ivar’s and started along the street – and right next door, just as I remember it is the Olde Couriosity Shoppe. I dashed in for a quick in and out look. It has just the same weird stuff they had the last time I saw it – before the original shop burned down.

I mainly wanted to see Pike’s Place Market – I remember it from when I was a small child. Mom would take me down with her every Saturday to buy fresh produce. And flowers! She always brought home a bouquet of flowers for the table. I always was given a free donut by the lady at the donut shop - I was always fascinated by the machine that dumped the batter in the hot oil, and scooped them back up again.

We headed directly to Pike’s Place – about 5 blocks along the road, but 2 blocks up – Straight up it looked like to me!!! We walked in and there on the right – about 2 shops in was the old Donut Shop - Hardly changed at all in over 60 years.

I saw a T-shirt I should have gotten for “Chico” Ken - It said “I’m retired! Ask someone else!”

I also saw a little T-shirt I should have picked up for my great-granddaughter, Kayce. When her mother was about 2 years old, I got her a T-shirt that said “My name is No-No!” I saw one in Pike’s Place, but with the crowds – and noise, I just wasn’t in the mood to shop.

We worked our way through the crowds – this is a huge place. It was fascinating with all the produce and other food stalls. Hundred’s of them it seemed We sauntered along, passing vegetables, fruit, sea food – and yes, we stopped at the “tossing fish” place - Pike's Place is 3 stories, and several blocks long.

I saw a sign for a restroom – thought about it and decided to wait. Bad Choice.
When I finally decided it was time to find the restroom - I asked Gary to look for a sign – and about then we spotted it – clear at the end of this section – through this crowd. Finally made it down stairs, only to find a long, long, long line of women waiting to enter. Gary says I was gone nearly 40 agonizing minutes.

So between standing in 2 lines at Ivar’s, and 1 long line at the market – we had used up a goodly part of our 2 hours of parking. It was time to work our way back to the car. Taking photos along the way.

Gary by Whale Sculpture near Harbor

Seattle Skyline from Harbor

Along the harbor

The Harbor

There’s those Bensons again

Latest best seller?

Another best seller?

Shop Window

As we drove along the harbor, I spied a particularly large ferry. “Wrong,” said Gary – “it’s a cruise ship – see – no ferry “hole”.” Well, maybe you had to be there – it was a funny moment – it wasn’t a ferry, just a biggie boatie!!! So, there you are! And, I hadn’t even been tippling! (It was the Norwegian Star)

From the Harbor, we headed toward the Space Needle in Seattle Center. I was in Seattle for the 1962 World’s Fair – with a 2 year old in tow and big as a house with the next one. On the way to the mono-rail, the toddler giggled and giggled while on the moving sidewalk. When we got to the top, the guard picked her up, took her back to the bottom, and let her ride back up again! She loved that! At that time, I took the elevator to the top of the Space Needle – when I got up there, my vertigo popped in, and it took all the courage I had to move from the wall to the railing for the view. Now, they charge $16 per person to ride to the top – another reason not to go up again!

Unfortunately, this was an “Event” day - Taste of Seattle food festival was on at the Seattle Center - crowds, and crowds and it was impossible to find a parking place, and if we did – special “event” rates applied - $20 for 0-10 hours. After fighting the crowds and noise earlier, I said – hey, don’t mind me – I’m ready to go!

On the way back to Oak Harbor, Carol called – they were waiting in line for a ferry to cross to Whidbey Island. We met them at a Dairy Queen for a cone. It was food confession time. I tried to gloss over some of it – but Gary, blessed Gary, didn’t let me get away with it – Little Tattle Tale!!!!!

Carol and Ken headed for a hotel, and an early rising to catch a ferry to Victoria BC, and I returned to Gary’s to work on my blog!

And that was my much awaited for trip to Seattle! Next time, I will definitely visit on a weekday, during the school season, and off season for cruise ships,– and at least now I know how to get down to the harbor!! (Just drive west and stop before hitting the water.)

Until next time,
Bear Hugs

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  1. I'm working my way through the posts!
    I've been to Pikes Place and watched the fish tossing! And yes the flowers are wonderfull..so is the produce. Why cant we get veggies like this? If they can ship the stuff we get from all over the world, why not from within our country?

    I have the book "The Gas WE Pass" Amy gave it to David one Xmas!

    Sounds like you are doing a lot of walking! Good for yu! Walking , Biking, eating
    healthy, who is this woman, and when will we get to see her!!!!!
    Today 8/05 it is going to be over 100, so injoy your cooler weather! David and I rowed last night and then I cooled off with two Dos Eques beers...and a quesadilla..if I can eat it with a knife and fork and its not too chewey i can do it. When this is over if it ever is...I swear I will eat Cheeseburgers and Nachos for a week, maybe two! H